Carry a gun? According to the Supreme Court, the Second Amendment allows the ‘individual’ to own and carry. Our independence from Great Britain does NOT allow infringement on our right to carry, own, etc. by antique British laws. Even considering ‘a well regulated militia’ has to bow to the fact that an ‘Individual’ person did the carrying. I strongly suggest that those who no longer accept or believe in our Constitutional Rights, leave the country. The problem is that our Constitution was agreed to ‘after’ the English laws. Thus we have our set of Laws of The Land that supersedes and negates English law. The idea that somehow lawful gun owners/carriers are ‘responsible’ for the present violence is ludicrous and ridiculous. I have not heard any ‘gun grabber’ who has said to prosecute crooks who have or use guns. You want my guns, take them away from the bad guys first.

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