ATTENTION – Notification II

I will lay out a portion of the overall plan, in general.
A while back, everyone was worried that the ‘safety net’ would be overwhelmed by ‘refugees’ crossing our southern border.
That is NOT the problem.
The problem is similar to the recent elections in Britain, and the ‘torries’ saying their first action would be to cut all social services.
Our representatives have legislated to ‘cut’ Social Security in 2017, and most social services, discretionary spending as well.
>It is the cutting that is the greatest danger.
>In finance, the new law stipulates that ALL deposits into All banks becomes a part of their ‘capital structure’. Meaning they own the deposits.
>Corporate ‘welfare’ has one major recipient, Berkshire Hathaway. Think 100’s of billions of dollars, and continuously.
>The whole medical field is exempt from any form of cost/price controls. Another nice law. Contributions are in the billions of dollars each year to our ‘representatives’.
>The ‘trade’ deal known as The Trans Pacific Partnership, removes ALL rights, due process, and almost all arbitration. Corporations are in full control.
>Jade Helm 15 is the staging of our military to collectively remove anyone who objects, takes issue with, and criticizes our government. Human rendition is taking you prisoner, then transport to a holding/re-education facility. FEMA camp.
Expect to see ‘troops’ in every state.
Note that these troops are wearing The United Nations insignia.
The United Nations is The New World Order.
This is the intended coup that allows a fascist dictatorship government to rule us all.
>The states involved are Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Southern California.
-Texas is Ground Zero.
The military is using that underground tunnel system that doesn’t exist, to put troops and material in place.
->Texas, you need to secede NOW!!!
>>Time Table
I order to pull this off, actions will have to happen in June, July, and August. These will be ‘pre-emptive’ actions.
The stage for this plan is being set as you read this.
>At present, derivatives are causing problems in the bond markets.
When bonds have problems, the rest of the whole of finance does.
>>TEXAS is The Key State. Texas is an independent republic that has agreed to affiliate with The United States, It is NOT a State under full federal control. Thus it can Secede by choice at any time.
Texas also is a very strong Militia State, that puts our Constitution first.
Accordingly, it has been ‘designated’ as Ground Zero by those who hate any form of Freedom.
>Be aware that communications, cell phones, internet, can be ‘turned off’ at any time. Banks can be closed by the central banks at any time.
>>>I have had two pentagon sources confirm the above. These have always been 100% accurate.
>There is a ‘possibility’ of the good guys stepping up and helping us be free. This would be a last minute action, IF it happens.
If or when I get more info, I will post it.
– Be prepared and hope for the best.
Thank you.

Drake Kent