Although I don’t advocate violence or war, ‘diplomacy’ has some very serious limitations. All Iran wanted was to not mess up the new deal agreement, nothing more or less than that. There are a lot of ‘fame seekers’ who need their five minutes of fame, at any cost, and those who are too stupid to recognize the dangers involved. The Iran deal is an offshoot of that ancient 1100 – 1500 deal made between then existing powers, that is unrevokable. Remember that. IF Iran continues to flaunt itself, maybe Israel might like to take a shot at them? So, as Iran uses its ‘religion’ as its guide for imprisonment, and capital punishment, keep the idea of real force in mind.This is all dependant on what a person wants. You see all the politicians making the same tired promisses, and you have two who are NOT politicians. You want more of the same that got us in the present mess, OR, would you rather change things by electing a person who is NOT a politician? Think about it.

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