All Inclusive Labels

It is easier to simply label something than deal with the reality of what is really going on.

Many of these are simply a part of the convenience generation, even though there are some real impacts.

I have never been easy to catagorize, slot, or define, because I refuse to participate in BS. Many then go all horse hockey over just how to get to where I’ve been, let alone have any clue just how the blazes I got here.

Those who know a little about me have found that I refuse anything less than cutting edge, that uncanny ability to know what is really being said, and to provide an unvarnished truth of what is, and what should not be.

So, here we are, wherever that is?

Too many ‘references’ from past actions have taken on its own life, #MeToo, as an example. I do hope those doing this have some sort of paper trail. Following that, the dismissal of the ‘fake news’, some is, and some isn’t. This brings us to the ‘title’ of this.

Prejudism is found in everyone who has a certain thing or action they can’t stand. I’d hate to feel that anyone might feel left out of this. So, then each individual decides to what and how far that is to be applied. It is far too easy to arbitrarily label things, actions, and people, but is growing more common by the day.

Usually, but not always, prejudism is applied to race, a very convenient and over used label. In all of this, there is a serious problem, a complex one. Just how is this determined, and by what, if any, standards?

Relying on ‘tradition’ is an easy way. So how far back does it go? What are the origins, and where did all of it come from?

Comparing apples and oranges, or is it just including all fruit in a common basket, lumping everything together? This does go to several origins, mostly from the past. ‘Any individual or any action that is not involved in present activities, does not fit, will not be granted access, and will continue in its present condition or get worse.’

Since the days of ‘conquest’, The Church has given ‘The right of conquest’ to Discovering Nations. Outright enslavement of ALL inhabitants, ownership of ALL lands, and Absolute Rulership. Go look it up.

In more ‘modern times’ these once public displays have been muted, but only so far as the public part goes. Because no one says anything, and it is kept secret, too few ever heard it until lately. It has been under the covers since the 1800’s, and before.

The ‘metamorphosis’ went to a defening silence. It is very much still there, but is of a different type, yet the same as before. There never was a change in the new prejudism, and very few are aware of its reality. Problem is this ‘new reality’ has been coming out. There is a ‘Status Quo’ instead of outright racism between ‘The Haves and Have Not’s.

In the great games played, it is a combination of social equity and financial standing. Even the poorist in America, live several levels above those who are not poor in many countries today.

Many American’s are of an elite class who don’t need to acknowledge anyone who is below their level, let alone anyone who is poor, or extremely poor from another country.

This is the ‘purest’ form of ‘racism’ by its own self definition. Elites don’t have to deal with those who are lesser.

There are several things that need to be addressed. Of the many, look no futher than any representative in our government, especially the corporations. No one will find anything that offers any real change from the past. Stagnation in lifestyle is decided by the people in these places. Control of power, income, ability to live, are all to the advantage of those making money off of keeping people poor. Yes, intentionally keeping people poor.

Make no mistake in what I am saying, what needs done is to reinitiate our laws of the land by following our Constitution and negating all exceptions. This is the house cleaning I have been talking about.

The exceptional problems in doing so will have to be accomplished by removal of many who would initiate changes contrary to freedom. The action will require a complete shut down of our country, iron curtain style, among many distasteful actions.

All those who cannot live within our freedoms will need to be removed, jailed, and/or exported to a place that better fits their political moods.

I know, not nice, but then I was categorized as, does not play nice with the other children at an early age.

‘We’ (royal, all inclusive) can no longer ‘talk’. It is time for action.