>>Alert<< 'We', our group has been hearing some interesting news. Three different sources have reported that 'Western Powers', US and UK, are intending to go alone in finance. This means these two 'entities' intend to keep their wealth within their systems to the denigration of the rest of the world. The closing of capital flows, more than one, has caused only a part of the present market problems. The fact that 'they' are having serious problems replacing these financial streams, shows a probability that ALL economy on the globe will stop. The BDI - Baltic Dry Index is lower than any previous records show. BDI is the (ocean) shipping report So, if nothing is shipping, what happens next? ALL financial entities go to zero. I offer that everyone stock up on essentials, food, water, etc. In finance, buy Gold, OR have nothing. As the economies fail, so does their currencies. So forget 'paper' money, as it will be worthless wall paper. There has been no confirmed time or date for this, BUT, all indicators show it as coming. Fasten your seat belts, the ride is going to be bumpy and turbulent.