Great Britain really did IT !

No matter where, We The People, are coming out, AND proving that almighty, ‘IT’…

Now the ‘get even’…

Only 10% of ALL the ‘losses’ have anything to do with Brexit. Note that 10%…

ALL the rest of all of this, is a direct effort by ‘the elites’ who were told NO, to get even.

Therefore, the real numbers are : Global Economy = 0.1%, Internationally = 0.05% losses including all trading partners. Trade agreements and treaties are still in effect, but, the need to ‘punish’ is immediate.

What is not said publicly, starts 2300 years ago, in a very little known financial agreement, no one has ever heard of. At that time, all the worlds wealthiest held a meeting. The decisions are still in effect today. As full of a financial control by elites only, in ALL maters financial, as can be done.

Then there is a minor problem of ‘reality’. Remember that magician’s illusion, will-of-the-wisp, ghost in the woods, fraudulent ‘Straw Man’? Has anyone noticed that every ‘loan’ is always shown on a computer screen? So… just exactly where is that ‘real’ money? Has anyone seen a pile that fits your car loan? How about that house loan known as a mortgage? Seriously, a stack of cash for any of that? Never…?

In terms of general finance, a security or equity certificate, think stocks and bonds, are all shown as numbers on a computer screen, BUT, pay out in cash. This piece of ‘paper’ is worth this much cash… but isn’t cash also just a piece of paper with numbers on it?

IF all finance shows on a computer screen, then how easy is it to subtract from that number? Due to the speed of being able to process, everything is now on screen. Thus, there is no ‘reality’.

The Reality question becomes one of, ‘Did the Brexit stop the British economy, or not? Is there a continuation of business in The UK?

IF so, then, many ‘things’ become obvious.

That $3 Trillion loss is/was Fabricated. Why? Not so much voting to leave, but more so to the collateral impacts. What were those? First, ‘government’ was told no. The people decided that the loss of their identity as British people, wasn’t nice, especially by their own leaders. Second, notice that everyone in power who could, said don’t do it, and were also told no. It is a two level combination in the Third that sinks ships. These British nobodies, had the gall to vote ‘leave’! That was bad enough, BUT, it is the structuring involved in the European Union that burned the elites.

The whole of finance is under the arbitrary whim of Central Banking. In the European Union, most sovereignty (people and nation), members give ‘control’ over to the EU. The people have no say in how their country is run or functions.

The main get even point here is the loss by The EU of ‘financial control’ over Great Britain. Take a look at what has happened, presently. Loss of support for all finance, holding invisible sanctions on trade, and telling British government to cut ALL safety net and pensions. ALL this is suggested and approved  by The Central Banking System… Hello Rothschild!

Those vanishing numbers are real funny when you follow the money.

Guess who’s pockets got filled with $3 Trillion???

Most of this was a ‘warning’ to all other European Union members. Don’t do that…

So now there are several countries screaming to have a referendum of their own! Trying to decide if they should stay or go.

Those in ‘favor’ will prosper from all this. The buzzards are landing in Britain to see what bargains they can steal. Wages, benefits, safety nets, pensions, Everything is now on the line.

I suggest that more, many more countries hold referendums so The People can decide IF they want to be free.