2nd Amendment House Bills

HB 2376 would allow law enforcement officers, when contacting anyone possessing a firearm, to make a non-professional assessment of their mental state, and if, in their sole discretion, they determine that person may be a danger to themselves or others, seize their firearms, and request they be carted off for a court-ordered mental evaluation. This is an awful lot of power to hand someone who might disagree with your fundamental belief system. After all, if you believe you have the right to have the means to defend yourself, you must be crazy right? That certainly appears to be what the sponsors of this bill believe.

HB 2378 would eliminate state preemption over the disposition of surrendered and confiscated firearms, allowing for local politicians to destroy, rather than sell, firearms, as required by current law. In medieval times ignorant people believed that inanimate objects could be possessed by evil spirits, and therefore should be destroyed. Today, sadly, too many politicians obviously hold the same beliefs

HB 2379 would automatically make anyone subject to a restraining order a prohibited firearms possessor, regardless of the reason for the order.

HB 2380 is the ultimate slap in the face to law-abiding gun owners. It would abolish Constitutional Carry. Only criminals would have the freedom to carry when and where they desired without government permission. Or, maybe that was the intent of this legislation?

and last but not least….

HB 2381 would arbitrarily classify virtually all semi-automatic pistols and rifles as assault weapons, and require that all transfers of these firearms be tightly controlled and only allowable via a licensed firearms dealer. Violators face a $10,000 fine and arrest. If your pistol or rifle looks offensive in the eyes of some politicians, you must be a bad person and need to be monitored closely.