Oligarch Problem

There are and have been, many who interfere in the interior workings of Sovereign States/Governments, directly, indirectly, and overtly.

These are those who hide by using indirect means in finance and recruiting.

To date, I am wondering why none of the countries have taken issue with this?

How is it that an outsider can get away with illegal influence and not be taken to task for the problems caused?  Specifically, hiring people as ‘crisis actors’, rioters, and supporting designated ‘terrorist groups’?

I am, and have, recommended that this person be arrested for Insurrectionist activities.

By definition; Insurrection : an act or instance of revolting against a civil authority or an established government.

This includes hiring people to do so.

This person’s name is, George Soros.

Several countries have come under his influences of bribery, inciting rioting, and attempting to intimidate officials.  I wonder if intimidation is how this man avoids having to answer for what he has done? Did he amass his billion$ legally, or is he illegitimate in finance too?

America may not be the most favored country, but Soros has incited riots and paid indirectly for them multiple times. The last news about Soros activities stipulates he has and is looking to do the same in The EU.

It is past time for arrest and prosecution of Soros. An international warrant would prevent ducking responsibility for his actions.

Equitable Trade

For many years, countries have engaged in trade.

In many cases, the ‘trade’ was either good or bad, depending on what was going on, and what was being traded. After conflicts, new trade deals were brokered to reinitiate governance and reconstruction. These were called special tarifs. These were conditional and intended to expire. However, these special tariffs were kept in place.

Over the years, this caused the trade imbalance or deficit in trade, and the trade deficits became a standard part of international trade. Accepted as a cost of doing business on the international and global platform.

For over a hundred years, these deficits were known and noted by the leadership of the many nations engaging in what is called the global trade platform.

The problem today is noted differently than in years past, and was brought to the attention of world leaders of nations involved in global trade.

Solutions were ignored or outright refused by all involved. This has been known as the impass in import/export.

Since World War II, the reconstruction tariffs have remained in place. The imbalance of trade has been excused as a problem with production, antiquated manufacturing and the inability of workers to be a profitable investment or produce enough fast enough.

After negotiations failed between The US and other nations, President Trump was left with the last, and only option. Match what America was paying in relation to the excessive tariffs of their so called trading partners in order to balance the books.

It is common knowledge all over the news of the righteous indignation many countries have stated freely in public, that these actions have formulated a trade war, and that all these allies will now retaliate.

Interesting that so many sophisticated leaders are objecting to a level playing field. Free trade has to be fair trade, like it or not. Those objecting the most are the worst offenders.

As an American patriot, I find it interesting that so many nations who always accept our aid or call on America so often, do not understand and have refused our negotiations.

These are not the actions of true allies, nor does the fake friendship cover a cost America should not have to bear. Yes, this includes all subsidies from all these nations. Scream nationalism for yourselves while screaming protectionism at America. Sounds like you can not stand the idea that your welfare is on the chopping block.

Each nation has stated that they can handle this problem, show the world your application of this reality and offer fair and equitable trade.




According to any standard, the choice is obvious.

Each person, no matter where, will need to decide on what is evil, as well as how their action in the situation gives a solid basis.

In order to know the difference between a rash, knee jerk reaction, the choice made at this exact time in place, according to the present situation, and a reasoned approach, is simply knowing that you are determining the outcome.

The basic question is simply a matter of choice, would you pull the trigger on a dope addict who has decided that your place and family will provide that next fix? Any idea exactly what this addict has in mind while gathering any valuables, might be for you? Your partner? Kids? Maybe just a home movie version of a slasher film? What do you think? Is there any way to know?

Taking this into the international arena, I hear a lot of people are protesting the recent bombing in Syria.

So, exactly ‘what’ are you protesting? If it is the bombing, accordingly, each of you must agree that using chemical weapons on civilians, old people and kids, is acceptable? There are/is no situation where that kind of warfare is acceptable for any reason. Again, exactly what are you protesting?

Just as with that out of their mind dope addict, coming to ‘visit’, what can be done, and why?

Syria and Assad were warned that they would be fired upon if they did that. Guess what? An idiot in charge, did it again! The result was a blown up airfield. The same warning was given again, and guess what? An idiot once more attacked civilians, women, children, and helpless people.

This time, the storage and manufacturing sites were destroyed. According to reports from the ground, there were/are no casualties, not one.

After the fact, Parliament, Congress, and other ‘legislative’ bodies are now objecting to a lack of approval or permission to having taken such actions. Really? I suppose that talking about it, arguing over details, and taking days, weeks, months, to come to any kind of conclusion, is acceptable to you?

Just as that dope addict is breaking into your house, how much time is anyone going to spend trying to talk them out of it? How long do you have before that addict gets a hold of you? Will you be left alive long enough to hear your family scream? OR, do you finish the problem by pulling the trigger?

Of all those objecting, show the world that talking to the insanity of addiction or the insanity of a dictator, does any good or works. The basic problem is that diplomacy and other forms of talking, in many cases have no effect on the actions that are insane. Further, Russia was supposed to have eliminated all chemical weapons, looks like they failed. Past all that, the world was led to believe that Russia has some measure of control over Syria. Either Russia agreed to this, or there are rebels who have chemical weapons. If rebels have these weapons, take the rebels out and destroy the weapons.

It would be a great thing, if someday, all the fighting over political and religious differences, stopped.

We, The Human Race, need solutions, and now is the time.

Gun or Person?

I receive tons of info on everything, but especially earth shattering insights dealing with society and government.

In most cases of any validity, I take a very close, detailed, and analytical look. I disallow anything that might prejudice my ‘look’, and then take the ‘whole’ of it apart. In doing so, I have learned to not only read between the lines, but to be able to grasp the intent, purpose, and official involvement. A large percentage of ‘incidents’ in the news have had some level of official involvement.

Since Great Britain was defeated by a bunch of farmers with pitchforks, our founding fathers believed in the general population being able to defend itself, be that against highwaymen (robbers) or against similar fascist governance the British military demonstrated. This is known as The Second Amendment, and contrary to ‘legal’ and moral beliefs, is The Right of We The People to keep and bear arms. The idea is that of a person having the right to self-defense. And no, I really don’t care what anyone thinks about guns, as all will see.

There was a recent mass shooting in a Florida high school that cost the lives of seventeen (17) people. There will be a lot of ‘press’ and ‘official’ discussion concerning this.

In order to have a society that functions in any kind of orderly manner, a generally peacefulness in all the varied dealings is required for that ‘society’ to exist. Because of the American people’s ancestry being of criminal origins, disagreements were settled directly between the parties involved. What lawmen there were, were late to address, and the courts just as slow.

Fast forward to our present time, and accordingly, things are supposed to have changed. From incidents, reports, and what most people say, not so much?  ‘When seconds count, the police are just minutes away.’ This still applies even in our so-called advanced society.

This brings everyone everywhere to the simple question: If or when any person is deranged enough to see no other way than to kill a large group of people, and gets reported, why is there no action?  I am NOT talking after the fact, but before?

In the Florida shooting, that person was reported to everybody, and no action? IF ALL those in a position to do something, ignore all or any reports, then there is no way to stop this problem.

Look at the long list of who got reports of this guy being deranged, talking about a mass shooting, and broadcasting his intent on social media. Several parents knew, the school was told/warned, and local and federal law enforcement had reports. AND all this effort was ignored or dismissed?  I ask just how many of these officials are being held responsible? Further, all the protests about guns doesn’t mean anything, IF/WHEN no official takes ‘Preventative Action’. ALL these need to resign or be fired. ‘They’ think saying sorry, or we made a mistake, covers this? I strongly suggest holding ALL of these accountable in civil actions for each death.

Has anyone considered ‘mandatory’ interview for people like this shooter? If any problems are found, ‘mandatory’ counseling? National Education could use such a regulation, maybe even a state or federal law?

What were/are the causes of this problem? Could it be that the school society decided to pick on this guy? How many of the students were involved in this bullying? Why not stop this before the person goes insane? BTW – this works, as I have had personal experience with it. My very own kids, in their school, and the kid looking to shoot, is now a decent, productive person.

I say that every effort needs to focus on the person whose finger pulls that trigger, not any guns. Yes, I like the stronger background checks, but, it best have the correct limitations. All veterans who have seen combat action are a danger to society? Or if there is any reference to PTSD no guns? Under that, no one who takes a straight up hate position about anything, can not have guns either. The legal problems are huge, as each individual has to be adjudicated as a danger to himself and others, let alone incompetent.

~ Calling all gun protesters, think of how much better our world would be IF things like this were prevented and never allowed to start?



What Law?

Any illegals where you live? Any who lives outside the law? Been in outlaw territory at any time in your life? Which of you have been subject to the whim of a true illegal?

I need to know if anyone knows any crooks who follow the law?

Does anyone have any rights left?

Who thinks it is alright to take away our right to self-defense?

So far, to date, none of anything done to lessen danger has worked, BUT, the idea is wrapped in,’For Your Safety’.

So when is the general public going to get their very own bullet proof vest whenever they go to any public place? Think of all ball games, the mall, the store, 7-11, or going to work. Who is, or might be, subjected to a drive by shooting?

Seeing as how the gun grabber, gun eliminator, liberal/socialists heard of the Florida school shooting, they all lose it and are now screaming to eliminate ALL guns, especially anything more powerful than a BB gun. Really?

To get real, two of the so-called ‘school shootings’ were one with a pellet rifle and the other one a sling shot! We really need to outlaw these items too.

I see a lot of ‘opinions’ on this subject by people who have never been forced to defend themselves, especially when it comes to defending your life or anyone elses for that matter.

Under this ideal society, no one should have or carry any kind of firearm, privately or publicly. For starters, eliminate the armed guards who protect government officials. Following that, no guns for law enforcement at any level, of any kind.

America NEEDS to defund the UN small arms treaty, among other things, and there are a lot of ‘things’.

What needs done? Certain officials desperately need a new alarm clock to wake them up to the real problem.

There is no gun that fires itself. Put a loaded weapon on a counter top or desk, and turn up the surveillance cameras. After that gun sits there and, by itself, doesn’t shoot anyone, tell us again that ‘the gun did it’.

Must be a person who should never have had a firearm that did the shooting, Hmmm??? The Florida Case is not unique, as most of these ‘shooters’ were known to be possible problems. However, just about every ‘authority’ at every level, were officially notified. How is it that something as obvious as this could be allowed to happen anyway? Rumors around the net say that this was a ‘special covert’ op. I strongly suggest that this is the case in most of the shootings. Why? Simply, no one can be that stupid or incompetent as to miss anything as obvious. I hope this will be sorted out, but, I also hear that law enforcement is worried about being outgunned, and overmatched.

IF all these gun grabbers are so intent on grabbing guns, how about we start with all street gangs? Not limited to just those carrying, but we want the supplier. Who sold you the guns?  Still want to legislate? There used to be The National Firearms Act, that gave mandatory sentences to anyone breaking the law and had a gun, let alone used one. Today, there are no gun charges leveled against these ‘Illegals’. WHY NOT?

Today, those who commit a crime with a gun are turned loose? Duality of the justice system has two sets of laws, one for the have’s, and one for the have-nots. Justice might be blind, but she can hear the coins drop in her purse. Knows which side her bread is buttered on, and by whom.

In order to take any action towards any kind of ‘solution’, the big money from illegal’s is one target, and the other are all those involved.  How many will an effort that big call for? Try everyone who refuses to be ‘subject’. Addiction is out of control, be it money, power, and/or appetites of the never done anything’s, and that extremely infectious disease known as ‘Entitlements’. I am the center of the universe and my wants/needs outweigh everyone’s elses comfort, dignity, and right to personal space. Let alone ‘personal defense’.

When somethings happens, most are not reported, and the police are not called because the police are just as apt to shoot you as the crook who shot first. We do need law enforcement people, but only those who can maintain under extreme stress and conditions. Going into that great unknown of a situation is no excuse, sure you’re nervous, excited, and the adrenaline is flowing like a flood. Grit your teeth and perform as you are expected to, professionally at all times. Never be trigger happy, never arbitrarily open fire, and de-escalate. Be the person of calm, cool, collected lack of action, peacemaker.

As far as guns go, these tools are NOT the problem, BUT, maybe a legislated law that calls for counceling/counseling for people who raise any kind of red flag? At the least, an intense interview to see if a problem can be found. Maybe an automatic red flag on gun purchases until after that interview?

What is the point of talking when direct action is needed?  ‘We’ will need to now take that direct action in order to prevent more death.

I have seen direct action on the battlefield of Vietnam. The battle has shifted to our streets. I ask those who would forbid available deadly force options to consider what that saying means,’It is better to have a gun and not need one, than to need one and not have one’. This should go to the application from you against the addict who is breaking into your house to do whatever it takes to get their next fix. Insane? Far out? I applaud a concealed carry person for gunning down a person who was carrying an AK-47 as they were about to enter a mall. No, I don’t like the idea that everyone needs to carry, but I give the nutcase intent on random killing no slack.

Who is ready to use deadly force for self-defense? Those who are willing to sacrifice everything to protect the little kids, that is who.

I am one, and I carry.



Day of Hearts

There is no ‘hell’. Hell was made up as a control for the uninstructed, it does not exist.

This means that when you die, you go to that golden place called heaven. Oh, there is a delay, but afterwards you are set free in a beautiful place. You know everything that was hidden from you in life, people, places, and things wondered about. Nothing is hidden from you.

Yes, each of us can freely communicate with the loved ones who have crossed over from life to death. Sure the sense of loss is intense, but know and expect to one day join them. You heard that right. Consider no more physical pain, no limitations from age, becoming fully and completely free.

Listen to this love song.

– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9muzyOd4Lh8

Rules of Engagement?

For those who just have to really know, and the inquiring minds who read this, follow this link :      www.micourthistory.org/2013_ms/         (This is as it was in my address bar)

There are three general/basic forms/areas of ‘Engagement’. Problem is that all of them are overlapping, mixed together, and interdependent. Just wait, it gets better.

Being old, I refer to happenings and such from the distant past, even though not as long ago as most would have us believe.

Used to be that a ‘greeting’ was almost required, a nod, tip of the hat, or hello/howdo. The primary requirement of respect for all elders/adults was a given, and no one wanted to get in trouble of any kind, public or private.

The 60’s started the changes, the 80’s cemented them, and the last ten years brought real time lack of respect for everything, elders, officials, and many of the basic rights found in our Constitution.

Obviously the first question is why? Contrary to popular beliefs, the answer is very simple, those who could address or were in a position to affect the problem, absolutely refused to listen. So, the general population’s frustration became the same absolute, and very few protesters would listen to any authority. Tit for tat, same to ya and all that.

So far, America is just barely holding on to a ghost of past restraints. The paradox can be seen in all the protests over that last few years. The protesters demand free speech, BUT, only theirs, as the refusal to allow anyone who might offer anything the protesters dissagree with to be forbidden on threat of violence.

That is mostly just the social side of this. The heat goes up in a ballistic manor when any form of outside politics is even hinted at. The enforcement side, from civilian police to the military, those who enforce laws, are  subject to execution.

Anyone who is any kind of awake or aware, knows all this. However, there are an increasing number of people who are just getting into all this, so there are the basics.

When I came home from Vietnam, I didn’t recognize the country I had left only about a year earlier. So, I kind of wandered around trying to figure out what happened and how I might fit into the mess.

A few years later, I decided that there had to be a way to recapture many of the things in general that had been taught to me as a child. All those unspoken rules everyone lived by. I did find it in the Appalachian Mountains. It seems that the outside world was not followed much, and those 50’s values were considered the way to be and live.

I got involved in knowing what was going on over some thirty years. I developed and redeveloped sources and contacts and still am doing so today.

Under the ‘Rules of Engagement’ anyone who looks will find the death of tradition, and if the present atmosphere is any indication, the death of the rules of engagement, there aren’t any anymore.

Public education has basically become a police state, with armed police patroling the halls. Conformity and Control is all that is taught. Go look at a public school.

This brings us to one of the more obvious interwoven/overlapping areas. The ideal is to learn something that a student can use, this is no longer the case. So, let’s look at what is called ‘Higher Education’.

Exorbantly expensive and jobs in a chosen field are difficult if not impossiblee to find. Does this make anyone wonder IF any of this is worth it?  Judged by the past, todays Higher Ed is somewhat of a joke, like it or not. Accademics have never translated into real skills. So, all that time, money and effort is a nice basis, but, all industries will train you in what they want, expect, and how they want things done. Does that tell anyone about real value?     Taking this into the social arena of student interaction, and social intercourse with the things of life outside school, and it gets worse.

Those rules of engagement become whatever someone makes up at the time. Sensitivities now over rule free speech, and even any opportunity of free expression. That ‘right’ of free speech is nullified as soon as any group decides that there is any possibility of something new that is not found in a socialist bible. Comply, or we offer violence?

The idea that any campus requires safe zones to ensure no one’s virgin ears don’t hear anything that might offend, is ludicrous. One of the basics in social intercourse is to learn how to handle most anything from a nasty name to outright confrontation. All the while, keeping a level head and the open discussion running. It is the difference in perspective, the original point of view that has made higher education, capable of educating.

The social intercourse found outside in the real world is crass, profane, and obtuse to a lot of people. Being able to use this requires time spent talking about everything, nasty or not. The very reason it is called higher education is the social learning garnered from talking to feach other.

As I said, I didn’t recognize The America I had left for only a year. Between then and now, it has gotten steadily worse, more perverse, and nasty. Which bring us to the great swamp of politics.  This overlaps all the rest of what I covered above.

Politics are the specific beliefs in ways, forms, and structure in governance. In many ways this includes the above and goes a lot deeper. Reason being, it is a part of all this, and includes enforcement.

The very idea of enforsement is the use of force to maintain ‘order’. The laws involved should be followed by everyone, enforcers and the general public. The philosophy or ideology is pure, brute force, and is in essence, fascist in its basis. Chicago had a Democratic Convention, and because the protests were able to be heard, the police went in and cracked a lot of heads. This is the short version, but it is accurate.

The ideas of refusing to follow the laws, created sanctuaries, cities, counties, and states. Places where certain specific federal laws were refused, ignored, and litigated.

I doubt any of those involved in sanctuaries have any idea of what can happen when federal laws are enforced. Might be aware that ALL involved, can be prosecuted.

In my opinion, there is a serious choice to be made by We The People. IF you like the freedom that allows protest, or that taking care of people, getting an education are of any value, ‘We’ all will have to work together on making our country what it once was, and better.

‘WE” can do anything we put our minds to, do the impossible, and be the shining beacon of Freedom once again.

This is what I see as that future kids don’t get. KIDS! One day you will be in charge, running everything…OOEE!

Question is, making this a better place, freer, happier, and safe for everyone, Are You Ready?





All Inclusive Labels

It is easier to simply label something than deal with the reality of what is really going on.

Many of these are simply a part of the convenience generation, even though there are some real impacts.

I have never been easy to catagorize, slot, or define, because I refuse to participate in BS. Many then go all horse hockey over just how to get to where I’ve been, let alone have any clue just how the blazes I got here.

Those who know a little about me have found that I refuse anything less than cutting edge, that uncanny ability to know what is really being said, and to provide an unvarnished truth of what is, and what should not be.

So, here we are, wherever that is?

Too many ‘references’ from past actions have taken on its own life, #MeToo, as an example. I do hope those doing this have some sort of paper trail. Following that, the dismissal of the ‘fake news’, some is, and some isn’t. This brings us to the ‘title’ of this.

Prejudism is found in everyone who has a certain thing or action they can’t stand. I’d hate to feel that anyone might feel left out of this. So, then each individual decides to what and how far that is to be applied. It is far too easy to arbitrarily label things, actions, and people, but is growing more common by the day.

Usually, but not always, prejudism is applied to race, a very convenient and over used label. In all of this, there is a serious problem, a complex one. Just how is this determined, and by what, if any, standards?

Relying on ‘tradition’ is an easy way. So how far back does it go? What are the origins, and where did all of it come from?

Comparing apples and oranges, or is it just including all fruit in a common basket, lumping everything together? This does go to several origins, mostly from the past. ‘Any individual or any action that is not involved in present activities, does not fit, will not be granted access, and will continue in its present condition or get worse.’

Since the days of ‘conquest’, The Church has given ‘The right of conquest’ to Discovering Nations. Outright enslavement of ALL inhabitants, ownership of ALL lands, and Absolute Rulership. Go look it up.

In more ‘modern times’ these once public displays have been muted, but only so far as the public part goes. Because no one says anything, and it is kept secret, too few ever heard it until lately. It has been under the covers since the 1800’s, and before.

The ‘metamorphosis’ went to a defening silence. It is very much still there, but is of a different type, yet the same as before. There never was a change in the new prejudism, and very few are aware of its reality. Problem is this ‘new reality’ has been coming out. There is a ‘Status Quo’ instead of outright racism between ‘The Haves and Have Not’s.

In the great games played, it is a combination of social equity and financial standing. Even the poorist in America, live several levels above those who are not poor in many countries today.

Many American’s are of an elite class who don’t need to acknowledge anyone who is below their level, let alone anyone who is poor, or extremely poor from another country.

This is the ‘purest’ form of ‘racism’ by its own self definition. Elites don’t have to deal with those who are lesser.

There are several things that need to be addressed. Of the many, look no futher than any representative in our government, especially the corporations. No one will find anything that offers any real change from the past. Stagnation in lifestyle is decided by the people in these places. Control of power, income, ability to live, are all to the advantage of those making money off of keeping people poor. Yes, intentionally keeping people poor.

Make no mistake in what I am saying, what needs done is to reinitiate our laws of the land by following our Constitution and negating all exceptions. This is the house cleaning I have been talking about.

The exceptional problems in doing so will have to be accomplished by removal of many who would initiate changes contrary to freedom. The action will require a complete shut down of our country, iron curtain style, among many distasteful actions.

All those who cannot live within our freedoms will need to be removed, jailed, and/or exported to a place that better fits their political moods.

I know, not nice, but then I was categorized as, does not play nice with the other children at an early age.

‘We’ (royal, all inclusive) can no longer ‘talk’. It is time for action.


Health Care, Taxes, and Economics

As the title of this indicates, this is a three way complexity of all three issues.

My Health Care plan offers the best of all three. Think in terms of low costs, and you will get into the area of ‘Catastrophic Policies’. This offers minimal expense, around $50 per month, while covering everything. The profit can be held for future needs, and at certain points in time, transferred to a savings account. Following that, ALL Clinics, Hospitals, and any entity offering health care, be interconnected. This includes maintenance, basic general health care, and specialized care.  Were an area to be assigned to these entities, the traffic should be sufficient to support them. Basic ‘cost reductions’ can come from using the standard payment schedule found in Medicare.

Getting both the health care system under control, will reduce government costs, and allow pre-existing conditions to be covered as well. The conspiracy theory of forcing 23 million people off or out of health care is BS. This outline allows for people to exercise their right to their ‘free will’ decision of participation. At the lowest end of the cost scale, most will more than likely, get insured.

Taxes are an integral part of getting government out of health care. By lowering government expenses for health care, this will free up a lot of revenue that is being used for health care. When reducing obligations, the infrastructure/bureaucracy reduces as well. The ‘simplification’ of the tax code is just as critical as anything else. I have suggested an incremental system, that starts at 0 and runs up to 10% at double the poverty level for people. That, at minimum, companies pay 10%, then increment that to 20%. That individual taxes max out at 15%. This eliminates most ‘deductions’, simplifies the whole code, and makes the whole system more efficient.  Any ‘repatriated’ funds, should come in at a maximum of 10%.

Economics entails the whole of our systems, but does not rule. In the past,  whenever taxes were reduced, the economy grew dramatically. This is only true when done from the bottom up. Reversing the present advantages, bringing the top advantages down to the lower levels, causes growth. Allowing UK to exit the EU without penalty would be a start (only an example). There will have to be a new drive in all societies and countries. This will be to apply all the controls, austerity ideas, and a large reductions to all governments.

Plutocracies, government by the wealthy, Theocracies, government by religion, and all forms of outright Dictatorships will need to be removed. A true autonomous (free of all influences) system will have to be installed globally. The inherent sovereignty of people from government, and government structure that only takes care of the people, and infrastructure, will be required.

This is the basis of that mythical ‘golden age’ of man. This allows our planet to join the greater ‘federation of planets’ that have such systems. We can then become a part of the inter-planetary exchanges that are waiting for our people to implement these changes. Those who would like to use advanced technologies, this is how our planet gains access.

There are not enough people on our planet to support the growth that will come when we do these things. I strongly suggest that everyone get ready for a roller coaster ride that leads to the stars.

Thank you,


Rights and Law

I would hope that a majority of people are aware that our Constitution is a legally enforceable contract. It stipulates ‘Equal Rights’ for all.

To give everyone a tool to fight against the usurpation or taking of your ‘rights’ one legal tool that is and has been underused, is 18 U.S.C. 241. Read this carefully in order to be able to use it : https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/241  

Now, run with that one!

This applies within the United States specifically. However, it applies to all foreign countries and specifically to any business operating in America. Taking of land without due process, or the use of that land, by any foreign business.  This includes the ‘incorrect’ use of eminent domain. Eminent Domain specifically designates its use as for ‘public use’ only. A bridge or road that serves the whole of The Public, not to enrich a developer. This needs to be defined in such a way as to prevent its further misuse. I offer that the legal parameters under which Indian land can be taken, be ‘required’ at all times.

Bureau of Land Management is to preserve the lands in a Trust for our country. They may not offer use to any foreign entity, state, or interest without the express permission of We The People. This especially applies to  the taking of any natural resources on, in, or under that land.

IF there is any question of usage in close proximity, that ‘may’ cause harm to wildlife, fauna (plants), or impinge the quality of and/or detract from the ‘pristine’ nature of an area, this is prohibited until a ‘full’ study is made.

There are many laws that do not offer what was intended, eminent domain being only one.

There are several ‘pipelines’ that, because of their location, endanger very large areas and millions of people. This is another almighty bottom line scene that has to be addressed. Notice that profits over rule safety of our water supplies. That corporations, and/or financial interests outweigh everyone’s safety. This is why unions started, to take care of those who were/are doing the work. Now, even those protections are being taken away. Just as with a professional athlete, a worker in many industries, has only a limited number of years they can work. Protections, safety, compensation, are the correct way to address these ‘life’ long problems. People are the largest expense, and require too much compensation, to be economically viable? Think of automation and robots. Now understand that machines will eventually be doing most of the present ‘people jobs’.

I suggest there be union training for the positions requiring specialized skills; further, that unions, in specific areas, continue to offer the well trained workforce they have given us in the past. Be advised, limit the ‘taking’ from companies, BUT, also require the same ‘costs’ American companies pay. Several countries subsidize certain industries, and take unfair advantage of our markets and our people. A few of these problems have or are being addressed.

This writing is intended to address problems on a global scale. I hope the many this will reach, especially those who govern, stop using ‘austerity’ as an excuse, and look into ways to compliment both ‘sides’ of these issues.




Pricing of Commodities and Your Rights

For those who watch the overall markets, I need everyone to note a problem.

There has been a world wide glut of oil and all of its products. This was seen by the drop in all oil related product pricing, crude, gasoline, diesel, and the folding of many fracking fields resulted.

In the beginning of this ‘glut’, there was a three year + supply waiting for delivery. This did not deter producers from continuing production. A close look into the physical areas of these producers shows that most everything that could hold crude was full. This extreme glut has lessened only slightly over the time between then and now.

What the world has now is approximately a two year glut, and yet producers continue production. In addition, the US strategic reserve has been being added to through contracted deposits, which simply aggravated the situation.

A covert effort was made to replace currencies with oil. This failed badly, but markets are still very subject to commodity price fluctuations. ALL the values of currencies, and ALL commodities are directly impacted by oil prices, etc. ‘They’ still have their fingers in it.

Just as with precious metals, the oil markets are ‘rigged’ ‘controlled’ by those who’s god is the almighty bottom line. Supply and demand have nothing to do with the pricing of any of the commodities, but only a demand for greater profits.

There is and are no supports for increases, but the price ‘adjusts’ anyway. Pick any commodity to see the arbitrary fluctuations in prices. What has gone down in price lately?

The ‘collusion’ is between finance, commodities, and the suppliers of these commodities. Suppression of true market value has been ‘institutionalized’ to the extent that ALL large holders of any ‘equity’, are able to manipulate consumer costs according to whim.

In reality, there are fewer people working and that translates into a smaller demand for everything associated, gas, lunch, etc. Further, ALL the systems are designed to enable ‘fixers’ to do as they please. A lack of demand then comes to government being in collusion in terms of keeping their status quo running, so taxes go up. Government has to keep its ‘continuity’ and in all cases, those who can least afford it, get to pay. Sound familiar? It should.

Until the ‘illegals, crooks, and suppressors’ are brought under real control, We The People are at a distinct disadvantage, and get to pay the price. There is a way to start offering a ‘people control’ of markets. Simply, buy only exactly what you need of everything you use. Yes, take advantage of the two or more for one deals, but do not buy cases.

All ‘producer’ nations/economies, want our money and we need them to play fair. Several countries have been handed back the problems they have been giving America and her people for years. Tariffs on industries that have continued to ‘dump’ their subsidized products into our markets, will help level the playing fields.

IF a large number of people would like ‘a fair chance’, reasonable opportunity, and a full coverage level playing field, action is required. The big problem is that you have a pipeline of supply, and it takes time to see the promised effects, in jobs, etc. It is the second part of this that requires that action/involvement, and is critical in importance.

We The People, ALL of us, have been being subject. IF this is a ‘free country’, why is that, and better yet, how?  Believe it or not, this is simple but not easy.  ALL of the people will need to use some existing law to get the desired results. There are many ways to do this, but a select few work better than the other options.

Identify the problem, very specifically, no generalities no matter the problem. Why? When looking into legal applications, you will find that law, especially in application, is very specific. Pick the violation, and attend to it through the law. Never take the heat directly, make the law take the heat. The second part of this deals with ‘policy’ at any level. Any policy that is unfair can be held in court as a violation of ‘rights.’ This includes school funding, housing, and distribution of public services. Those with very limited resources, can file a complaint as an ‘indigent’. This does away with most all fees, etc. What is interesting, is that most countries have this provision.

All of everybody will need to get involved in this effort, as it needs to be global. Wherever you are, take your public officials and your government to task, holding them ‘responsible’.

Thank you,


What is the fight about?

There are a lot of people who have taken their objections to the point of taking up arms against the systemic threat of American influence they see as derogatory.

Many of us have been struggling in our attempts to regain the original Freedoms that were once the foundation of our great nation.

The problems have been visited on too many countries, and the backers of all this are found everywhere.

Those involved have used all of the heart felt catch phrases in order to engage the populous of the world as a whole. These include, but are not limited to : Patriotism, Loyalty, Honor, and an unfounded superiority. You have to do things, act in a certain way, and be as we tell you to be, or else. Most obvious is the ongoing assault on any person, place or thing that takes issue with their taking of everyone’s Freedoms. Second most obvious are the multiple ‘trade’ deals that are only good for those in power, commercial or governmental. Outing the ‘content’ of these goes well beyond the social idealism, and is now right out in broad daylight. A creeping/creepy form of disguised Socialism that is practiced in an outright Fascist manner…comply or die. Anyone seen the paid for riots in several cities in America? These are the end result of Hillary being put out and the complete loss by the now Socialist Democratic Party, that used to be The People’s Party, and a protector of the little guy.

In looking into all the many facets of this intricately convoluted complex mess, I found a cute little basis truth that does cut through it all.

This ideal goes back to the beginning of civilization as it is known. The problem is so basic, that everyone in any position of power has been forced to adopt it wholeheartedly. There can be no hesitation of acceptance and compliance is required to such a depth, that it becomes a matter of being able to breath, heart to beat, and is so prolific it becomes critical to your very being. This is that eat, sleep, and breath it kind of thing, can’t live without it, totally Addicted. Cell phones, texting, etc.  Get the picture?

There are many who have fallen victim of exactly this kind of social mind control. There are then many places where the partial truth of, ‘There’s a battle on for your mind’ rings too true.

No war has ever been truly won. Notice that all ‘debt’, public or private, always falls to people who had nothing to do with whatever war had or has happened? Within this are ALL those countries who are still paying for others debts.

ALL the financial industry has the sweetest deal of not having to be responsible, because their speculative actions are simply transferred to a ‘public responsibility’.  This is only one small part of using We The People (think of Ferguson, Missouri) as ‘Revenue Generators’ and scape goats.

That is the mild form of one facet of the Controls used against the basic idea of Freedom. In reality, it is actually, rather tame compared to the balance of this radical social psychology known as a ‘psychological operational’ adjustment to our way of thinking. Feel like there just might be a ‘war on for your mind’?

In order for an idea and/or writings/records to be ‘immune’ from editing, adjustment, and any critical thinking/consideration of them, ‘They have to be put in a form that will not be challenged’. Take a close look at ALL religious records/books and each of them say exactly, ‘Thou Shalt’ or ‘Shall Not’, all of them.

I give you Christian Soldiers and Muslim Jihadists, as all the same, no difference. Many will ask just exactly how I can do that? It all becomes very simple and obvious.

In order for anything to be presented as ‘untouchable’, the ‘Source’ has to be ‘untouchable’. Any other way, and it won’t work. Like butterfly wings, touch them, and it never gets off the ground.

Religion/belief systems rely on the fact that what is taught is untouchable, Because of where ‘it’ comes from. ‘God says, so you have to obey, no matter what you are told, think, or feel about it, Your ‘Mission’ comes from God, and it is critical that you obey.

When looking into the whole of these ideas, don’t bother to only rely on other’s ‘interpretation’, rely on your ability to think. Then compare these truths with what you see, hear, and experience. Use your ‘God given Freedom of will’ and don’t take anyone’s word for any of it. Believe or not, as you so choose.

HOWEVER, there is a serious problem in the wood pile. One that is insidious, nasty, and acts like a song that gets stuck in your mind.

One in history is, ‘Manifest Destiny’, and is the basis of most of the evil that men do to each other. It is based in an assumption of being ‘ordained’ (approved/required by God), and is purely man’s idea. A preparation meeting by The Secretary of Defense held and proposed that, ‘we were on a sanctified mission from God almighty to devastate the heathen population as good christian soldiers’. The ‘search and destroy’ missions left burnt spots where villages and lives once were. In America’s past, our military could not defeat the indigenous people, known as The Indians. So, diseases that these people had no defense against were introduced. Some 50 – 85% died.

With religion being an untouchable, the other heart strings were brought into play. Honor, Patriotism, Loyalty, and being good Christian Soldiers. ALL these are still employed to this day.

What are we fighting for? Who is telling us who and where to fight? Why is war or using arms, the only way?

All the various groups, militias, insurgents, and rebels are ALL going about this in the wrong way. How do I say this? It is not an individual person we are fighting against, rather it is this sanctimonious righteous ordainment of only a select few who are causing most of these problems. Exactly when were these ‘status quo’ rulers given this authority? Blood lines, ownership of everything, and we have more and better guns than you do? Really?

I strongly recommend that all who read this, reconsider that the real fight is with these select few and not with any people or person. You see, there is no ‘face’ to attach tyranny to, as these people hide in the shadows, or behind a belief system.

Each who gets a copy of this, needs to reconsider their position. Where exactly do you stand? More directly, do the people want the perpetual/continual state of war? Considering the ‘refugee crisis’, wouldn’t it be better for these people to be sent to a country that agrees with and holds the same beliefs, and culture?

There is a covert, undercover, war raging right now to restore the Sovereignty of people and nations. This is a war for ‘survival’ of both governments and people.

Join with us that we may bring about a world that looks into the ‘content of a person’s character’, and does not criminalize refugees, freedom, and sovereignty. That utopia so many deserve, can be ours, as it originally was.

Be of good cheer, as ‘we’ seem to be winning.






Who’s on first?

Now that Brexit has been voted on, the second part of this idea is beginning to take shape.
Not only are several countries looking to hold their own exit referendums, but the ideology of European Union rulership is being questioned.
Foremost in this are that now the governments and their people are questioning all those promises of The EU being superior by using the EU taxes to help, etc.
To date there has been little or no help.
The Union has gone deaf to both the people and their governments.
Punishing Britain for its vote to leave, can be seen in the obvious depression of the British Pound Stirling…
The removal of all support of Britain, has caused Britain’s internal finances to stop cold. Now all those government supports are being looked at for cuts.
The idea here is for the ‘financial’ controllers, to abandon Britain.
Obama has stated very clearly that Britain will be last for any trade considerations.
Britain is in the clutches of one of the most insidious, nasty, and morally devoid actions (globally) that has ever come out into the public light.
European Union leaders have stated that Britain is to leave immediately or sooner.
Some of those countries outside the finance/trade controls are looking to start a new set of trade agreements.
All this is not as important as the fact that, with the Brexit, the financial wolves/vampires can’t take The City of London. The door has been shut, and has ruined the planned agenda of the ‘cabal’/new world order.
It is the second part of the same scheme that is just as critical.
The US has been trying to become The Center for the ‘cabal’, and the ‘cabal’ just lost The major financial battle. Just as soon as the vote was in, Obama called on The UN to intervene.
The problems with the idea of taking control by force are huge.
Not only have the American people bought millions of guns/weapons, but the ranks of militias and The Continental Army have exploded in membership.
Word from the good guy military, is that the American Military is getting ready to make their move to help secure America and its people, their FREEDOMS!
Now that many of the ‘problems’ are close to being addressed, look forward to a breath of fresh air, flavored with FREEDOM…
Steps have been being taken to step outside the status quo in government and finance, to restore Sovereignty on all levels, and give everyone the level playing field they deserve,
This scene is being played out Globally…
Be ready to take the reigns of Freedom, and



Great Britain really did IT !

No matter where, We The People, are coming out, AND proving that almighty, ‘IT’…

Now the ‘get even’…

Only 10% of ALL the ‘losses’ have anything to do with Brexit. Note that 10%…

ALL the rest of all of this, is a direct effort by ‘the elites’ who were told NO, to get even.

Therefore, the real numbers are : Global Economy = 0.1%, Internationally = 0.05% losses including all trading partners. Trade agreements and treaties are still in effect, but, the need to ‘punish’ is immediate.

What is not said publicly, starts 2300 years ago, in a very little known financial agreement, no one has ever heard of. At that time, all the worlds wealthiest held a meeting. The decisions are still in effect today. As full of a financial control by elites only, in ALL maters financial, as can be done.

Then there is a minor problem of ‘reality’. Remember that magician’s illusion, will-of-the-wisp, ghost in the woods, fraudulent ‘Straw Man’? Has anyone noticed that every ‘loan’ is always shown on a computer screen? So… just exactly where is that ‘real’ money? Has anyone seen a pile that fits your car loan? How about that house loan known as a mortgage? Seriously, a stack of cash for any of that? Never…?

In terms of general finance, a security or equity certificate, think stocks and bonds, are all shown as numbers on a computer screen, BUT, pay out in cash. This piece of ‘paper’ is worth this much cash… but isn’t cash also just a piece of paper with numbers on it?

IF all finance shows on a computer screen, then how easy is it to subtract from that number? Due to the speed of being able to process, everything is now on screen. Thus, there is no ‘reality’.

The Reality question becomes one of, ‘Did the Brexit stop the British economy, or not? Is there a continuation of business in The UK?

IF so, then, many ‘things’ become obvious.

That $3 Trillion loss is/was Fabricated. Why? Not so much voting to leave, but more so to the collateral impacts. What were those? First, ‘government’ was told no. The people decided that the loss of their identity as British people, wasn’t nice, especially by their own leaders. Second, notice that everyone in power who could, said don’t do it, and were also told no. It is a two level combination in the Third that sinks ships. These British nobodies, had the gall to vote ‘leave’! That was bad enough, BUT, it is the structuring involved in the European Union that burned the elites.

The whole of finance is under the arbitrary whim of Central Banking. In the European Union, most sovereignty (people and nation), members give ‘control’ over to the EU. The people have no say in how their country is run or functions.

The main get even point here is the loss by The EU of ‘financial control’ over Great Britain. Take a look at what has happened, presently. Loss of support for all finance, holding invisible sanctions on trade, and telling British government to cut ALL safety net and pensions. ALL this is suggested and approved  by The Central Banking System… Hello Rothschild!

Those vanishing numbers are real funny when you follow the money.

Guess who’s pockets got filled with $3 Trillion???

Most of this was a ‘warning’ to all other European Union members. Don’t do that…

So now there are several countries screaming to have a referendum of their own! Trying to decide if they should stay or go.

Those in ‘favor’ will prosper from all this. The buzzards are landing in Britain to see what bargains they can steal. Wages, benefits, safety nets, pensions, Everything is now on the line.

I suggest that more, many more countries hold referendums so The People can decide IF they want to be free.


‘Things are heating up’

Anyone who needs and receives ‘public assistance’ is wrong, according to the financial wizards who seem to be in control.

I have criticized Israel, and others over refusing to take care of those in real need.

All of this should be very obvious to everyone.  ALL of The People are expendable, do not deserve any help of any kind, and no country will be left out of the new global agenda of never cutting the ‘status quo’.  Budgets, and all those in office never get a ‘reduction’ in pay or benefits…just We The People, and that World Wide.

My question to the planet is simple.  When does ‘everyone’ stand up together and say NO! ???  Forget separation of any kind, think unity. Mankind can change things back to a correctness unknown in several hundred years. How much is enough?

I am hearing all sorts of things that are ‘supposedly’ going on, have happened, and much that is immanent. As in coming to a neighborhood near you soon…

I hope that everyone knows it is the ones’ in office that are The Problem. Two ways to change that, by force and through all these rigged electoral processes. I don’t like either one, BUT, what alternative is given?

I have yet to see any real effect of anything that has ‘supposedly’ happened, officially nothing, but look at the rumors! The net is overloaded with it…

I will be starting some things with people who refuse to listen or take positive action to fix anything.

IF you are one of the bad guys, leave now, because the firing solutions are entered, and you will get sunk.




There are rules about the use of ‘deadly’ force. No one who has a weapon (deadly one) is allowed to use it against an unarmed or fleeing person. There has to be a ‘deadly’ attempt at the armed person, a deadly weapon, and/or a physical contact situation, Before this is allowed. All of this and more is taught to all law enforcement, BUT, SWAT teams are used to ‘raid’ organic farms? Weapons drawn, locked and loaded. No person on any street is ‘safe’ from having deadly force used ‘arbitrarily’ against them. I note that this is just one incident, and there needs to be many more.

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Our Second Amendment Right to keep and ‘bear’ arms, goes directly to a person’s ‘Right’ to self defense. The statement, ” When seconds count, the police are just minutes away”, says it all. Freedom to do as one believes is fine, BUT, I would rather have a gun (carrying it), than need a gun and not have one. I still find no whisper of taking guns away from crooks, or any reference to automatic gun charges. WHY? Not a part of making the population of America helpless? Or what?

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Is it Islam? Is it the burka? OR, have certain ‘refugees’ (I use that loosely), who only recognize a female as property? Then go about treating women as slaves? And no, the classes to teach respect of women don’t work. How about ALL governments try listening to the people? Safe zones in their own countries? Returning those here in a humane way can be done. You are either part of the solution, or part of the problem – Chose!

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The lies in officials attempts to cover up Murder, are NOT fooling anyone. Evidence gets withheld, denied, and modified? Legislation to hide the person who pulled the trigger? Over 100 bullet holes in a truck, but no one can get any pictures? The fact of opening fire as soon as the ‘target’ was close enough? It is past time for a We The People’s Justice System, as it is obvious, the existing one is just ‘political’. Then there is the small ‘problem’ of kill orders from the Oregon Governor… OOPS!

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So sorry Charley, no tuna today… How is it that ‘Everyone’ misses this easy target so badly? No one is this stupid…or are the reasons the ‘real’ reasons? Everyone knows that crooks don’t follow laws, rules, and regulations, ‘Except’ gun grabbers? So, it don’t matter how many new laws, rules, and regulations are put in place, now does it? WHEN is any official going to quit lying to everyone and target crooks? The reason for this is simple, this has nothing to do with ‘safety’, and everything to do with ‘Control’. Certain people want a defenseless population, so they can do anything they please. So, no CNN, reports, and officials, in this you can’t even hit the floor with your hat!

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Phoenix – Drake’s plans are approved, sanctioned, and authorized. For contact, use this : cosmicvoiceradio@gmail.com After initial contact, secure comms will be provided. This is the specops unit I stated on the show. Everything will be explained over secure com and face to face meetings. Training will be provided. Bring your own equipment. Looking forward to engaging. You should be spec forces, physically capable, and free to operate.

Arrests of patriots so far: arrested on Thursday were: Gerald A. DeLemus, 61, of Rochester, N.H.; Eric J. Parker, 32, of Hailey, Idaho; O. Scott Drexler, 44, of Challis, Idaho; Richard R. Lovelien, 52, of Westville, Okla.; Steven A. Stewart, 36, of Hailey, Idaho; Todd C. Engel, 48, of Boundary County, Idaho; Gregory P. Burleson, 52, of Phoenix, Ariz.; Joseph D. O’Shaughnessy, 43, of Cottonwood, Ariz.; and Micah L. McGuire, 31, and Jason D. Woods, 30, both of Chandler, Ariz.

[3/3/16, 8:52:55 PM] Drake Bailey: Congressmen and Senators from ALL States need to sign this Document : [3/3/16, 8:53:07 PM] Drake Bailey: New Declaration of Independence This Third Day of October, in the year of our Lord 2015 The unanimous Declaration of We The People of The united States of America, When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.–Such has been the patient sufferance of the People; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present Queen of Great Britain and Crown Vatican is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these People. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world. They have refused Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good. They have forbidden Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance. They have refused to follow Laws for the accommodation of large districts of people, unless those people would relinquish their rights. They have corrupted Representatives repeatedly, impinging on the rights of the people. They have refused for a long time, corrupted our elections and representatives. They have obstructed the Administration of Justice, by refusing to allow Judiciary powers. They have made Judges dependent on their Will alone, for the tenure of their offices. They have erected barriers and sent large numbers of agents to harass our people, and take their property. They have attempted to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil power. They have combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving Assistance to their Acts of pretended Legislation. For protecting them, by a mock Trial, from punishment for any Murders which they should commit on the Inhabitants of these States: For controlling our Trade with all parts of the world. For taking our Taxes without our Consent. For depriving us in many cases, of the benefits of Trial by Jury: For transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offenses. For abolishing the free System of Laws, establishing therein an Arbitrary, enlarging its Boundaries so as to render it at once an example and fit instrument for introducing the same absolute rule of the Crown. For taking away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws, and altering fundamentally the Forms of our Governments. For suspending our own Legislatures, and declaring themselves invested with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever. They have abdicated Government here, by declaring us without Protection and waging War against us. They have destroyed the lives of our people without cause. They have constrained our fellow Citizens to become the executioners of their friends and Brethren. They have excited domestic insurrections amongst us. In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people. We, therefore, the Representatives of the united States of America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of these Colonies, solemnly publish and declare, That these United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States; that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to the British Crown and Vatican Crown, and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain and Vatican City, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as Free and Independent States, they have full Power to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do. And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor. The 56 signatures on the Declaration appear in the positions indicated: Column 1 Georgia:    Button Gwinnett    Lyman Hall    George Walton Column 2 North Carolina:    William Hooper    Joseph Hewes    John Penn South Carolina:    Edward Rutledge    Thomas Heyward, Jr.    Thomas Lynch, Jr.    Arthur Middleton Column 3 Massachusetts: John Hancock Maryland: Samuel Chase William Paca Thomas Stone Charles Carroll of Carrollton Virginia: George Wythe Richard Henry Lee Thomas Jefferson Benjamin Harrison Thomas Nelson, Jr. Francis Lightfoot Lee Carter Braxton Column 4 Pennsylvania:    Robert Morris    Benjamin Rush    Benjamin Franklin    John Morton    George Clymer    James Smith    George Taylor    James Wilson    George Ross Delaware:    Caesar Rodney    George Read    Thomas McKean Column 5 New York:    William Floyd    Philip Livingston    Francis Lewis    Lewis Morris New Jersey:    Richard Stockton    John Witherspoon    Francis Hopkinson    John Hart    Abraham Clark Column 6 New Hampshire:    Josiah Bartlett    William Whipple Massachusetts:    Samuel Adams    John Adams    Robert Treat Paine    Elbridge Gerry Rhode Island:    Stephen Hopkins    William Ellery Connecticut:    Roger Sherman    Samuel Huntington    William Williams    Oliver Wolcott New Hampshire:    Matthew Thornton

OK, Huff Post… maybe your Fascist agenda is not obvious to as many as it should be, BUT, this shows you driving us all in that direction. This is the most ‘incorrect’ piece of garbage you’ve put out in awhile. Most of the points are at best misdirected, and many are simply Lies! Go ahead, come for my freedoms, take them if you think you can. Know that many of the humanitarian issues are being addressed. You want the truth? Can you handle the truth? A few good men (the movie) says, that too few know anything about the realities involved in bringing to ‘world’ to a humane sociality level. From this hate piece, this is obvious.

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Who ruined ‘Black History’ month? Blacks did. Simply, no one is allowed any more rights or privileges, than anyone else. Forget all the ‘Excuses’ for racist prejudice, and get real. We need a real ‘level playing field’ by knowing each of us is a part of the human Race. Blacks, and no one else, deserves any ‘special’ treatment, legalities, etc. Everyone, All of Us, has a choice, get it all together or expect the Gestapo to show up with bull whips…

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Apple vs FBI? This is not nearly all there is to this. The same effort to open all communications to our present ‘controllers’ is being carried out ‘Globally’. The idea is to remove all privacy from people’s communications, all communications. The fun part is that Apple won a court decision that they can retain their integrity and our privacy. If Apple is smart, they will request a World Court injunction halting all such efforts until this is heard by our Supreme Court. Interesting read:

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Then there is the ‘Double’ standard in everything… If you are in a ‘high’ position, everything works differently, you are above the laws that imprison everyone else. This man in this article is one of those who wiki leaked, BUT, Hillary can do anything she pleases, and with even more sensitive information? What Justice Department? Or is that only for select individuals? Oh, yeah…I left out RACE. Monetary standing?

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