Transition Questions:

Subject:  Clairaudience or “clear hearing”

First, I would like to thank Drake, Minuteman, Denise and Grammy J. for your ongoing commitment, efforts and courage to empower the public with knowledge about what is going on in our world. As a health care professional and author, I understand that knowledge is power and being sure that we disseminate accurate information is of paramount importance. Drake, I would like to address a comment that you have repeatedly made regarding channeled information and possession. Someone does not have to be possessed to give a channeled message.
There are people who are born in this world with the gift of clairaudience or “clear hearing”, which means they hear messages from spirit.  One of my best friends began hearing messages at two years old and hears them to this day. These messages are 100% accurate, and many times she knows exactly who they are from. And, if she takes time to sit down and write these messages, she is writing a channeled message. It is as simple as that. That is not possession. It is her God-given gift and talent.
In contrast, possession is a situation whereby two (or more) spirits occupy the same body – the one who lives in it and another spirit. The latter was never invited in. That spirit took advantage of the individual in a vulnerable state and also refuses to leave. That is called possession or occupying someone else’s body.
Perhaps you were referring to a full trance medium whereby a soul leaves their body, allows another soul to enter and speak through that body for a fixed amount of time. However, there is an arrangement between the two souls in advance of the exchange, and both souls return to their original states of being afterwards.
In any event, I was disheartened by your comment that misrepresented Greg Giles and the information that he is “channeling” from the Galactic Federation of Light on Ascension Earth 2012. Just like my friend, Greg sits down, listens carefully and writes the message down. Only he does this for endless hours every single day. That is not possession. That is called commitment, courage and perseverance. Drake, we are all on the same team. Just because you don’t fully understand the methodology or process, please don’t shoot the messenger or the message. Rather, it would be better served if you would share with your listeners that it is critical to always practice discernment whenever listening to the messages of others – channeled or otherwise.
Would you please address my concerns in this matter?
Thank you.
Drake’s Answer:
     From the information supplied in your email, I
can see that you have little working knowledge of Psychic
Sciences, Spiritual Laws, and truth.
     So long as the person taking the action remains fully cognizant,
they are in good shape, within limits.
     True Clairaudience and Channeling does NOT allow a person to remain in
or maintain full control, in the manner you present it.
     There are a great many who do not understand the differences as I have laid them out.
     Further, it is suggested in all correct texts and teachings to be careful of the ‘Gods’
and ‘entities’ with which one is dealing. Deception is common place in the spiritual realms,
and only a very acute discernment ability, coupled with the correct qualification procedure,
allows anyone to be sure.
     Your statement of ‘facts’ are incorrect regarding The Spiritual Laws governing the
requirements of numbers of spirits and perimeters of possession.
     The only requirement for any violation of any individual is that individual giving permission.
     The mind control energies contained in the messages from the galactic federation of light,
speaks to the origins of all those messages.
     Those involved in this have been deceived by very adept impersonators of light beings.
     I know this because I am in direct contact with any at any level whom have been identified
in your messages. These entities have expressed to me that they have NOT sent the messages
indicated in any of the messages you have published.
     Further, none of your methods used are, or ever have been, acceptable to either individual
entities, or any official group or representatives of higher realms.
     NO we are NOT on the same team, as those entities and spirits you are dealing with, are the
same ones that are against all of us on all levels.
     The God given abilities Never takes away our freedom of will, God says so, look it up.
     I know that you and many others who are associated will not understand what I have stated here.
     However, it might be wise to look to texts that are not written or authored by any belief system in
order to get the correct information.

Subject: Et’s

Message: Can you guy’s PLEASE talk about and clarify about the Guardian Alliance and how they are suppose to be the good ET’s and the Galactic Federation is supposedly a collective of bad ET’s trying to deceive us? I think there are a LOT of people out there that would like to know so if you could please clarify it would be much appreciated.

Drake’s Answer:

I have purposely stayed out of this because not everything is as it seems.
I know of no way to separate out the intentions that would differentiate
between those in these groups.
From what I can tell, some of each have differing attitudes and intentions.
The basis is that none of them are sure of humanity doing its job.
This also allows for opinions of individuals within the ET ranks.
The objective mission is the same no matter what, as all get instructions
from the Source/God/Creator. None of these will go against these dictates.
Several of them have access to communications, so some opinion will
come through…
I imagine the incorrect opinion is a matter that calls for a dressing down, etc.
There is cause for concern as to mankind being able to appease Mother
Earth to the extent that she does not react adversely towards us. Hence, the idea
that man might need to be removed or taken off world for our safety.
As we continue to advance, this lessens in probability.
I offer that we look in a peaceful manner towards all the ET’s currently present.
That fear and anxiety are much more harmful to us and them than most know.
In taking such action, we smooth the whole transition process.
~ Drake



Hi Drake,

I listened to your chat with Alfred yesterday and it’s great to hear you talking about what we the people can do to align with the positive timeline. For some reason my computer shuts down whenever I listen to a blog talk radio show about forty-five minutes to an hour into it, so I didn’t get to hear the entire show but based on what I did hear, I have something to offer this new dialogue. I’ve been in contact with Alfred over the past year regarding several but related topics and I’ve listened to and kept up with your announcements. You are both brilliant beacons of Light and I appreciate all you do and your courageous role during this time.

I am an adept spiritualist if you will, I don’t sell anything in this regard and I was not trained in any way. I haven’t written a book about it, I’ve never worshipped a guru and I don’t attend retreats or yoga classes. I’ve never read the Bible although I’m aware of some of it’s content as well as why it was written. I have discovered what I know, having come by it honestly, and I live it, as in it’s not a side line or simpy an interest.

When I was nine years old, during an episode of parental insanity, I retreated to under my bed covers and sitting in the darkness I asked ” where am I ? ”  What happened next is the reason I have followed the spiritual path and have lived a decidedly authentic life ever since this memory was triggered in my late teens.

An image appeared to me that wasn’t my imagination and it wasn’t a dream. Over my 52 years I have experienced only two other similar visions but I have had many other confirmations and communications in various forms that have kept me aligned with my spiritual self and the knowing that I am a spiritual being having a human experience rather than a human having spiritual experiences.

The vision that appeared to me under my bed covers was a circle, white and pulsating toward me on one side and black and kind of sinking away from me on the other. The animated image beckoned me and I leaned into the white side and felt soothed and a comfy loving feeling that was warm and safe. I leaned into the black side and felt icky and fearful. I continued leaning into each side back and forth comparing the two feelings. It was about ten years later that I was in a shop and saw a pendant of the yin yang symbol that triggered the memory of this paranormal event in my young life and many more years later that I realized that the answer to my question was that I was in energetic duality.

As I grew up I recall watching my parents and their antics and not really integrating as a family member but always feeling like I was watching movie I didn’t like and was not enjoying. I recall hearing relatives that would visit occasionally say ” what’s wrong with Tracy ? ”  What was wrong with me was that I had pierced a veil, I know now, via my clear intention to receive an answer.

Okay, so we are creators and co-creators of our experiences, our world and our reality. What I have discovered regarding our ability to manifest what we desire and need, is that by aligning directly with Source energy and TRUSTING that it will be delivered ~ critical details are key in succeeding. We do it as you said, by the clue in the bible that states ” if you enter life with one eye…”  This refers to our Third Eye or the pineal gland centered between our left and right brain. The reason that flouride has been added to drinking water and toothpaste is because it hardens and essentially disconnects the pineal gland from functioning and why some people have a difficult time envisioning what isn’t visible in the physical reality with our two eyes. The pineal gland is located at the centre of our 6th chakra energy centre. This is our internal projector and when we then use the technology of visualization or more accurately our imagination and focus what we can only imagine because we haven’t seen it yet, our creative power engages and begins to manifesting what we project.

Now there are specifics that must also be aligned for this to function properly as I have had signifcant success as well as failures in discovering this truth about who we are as fractal aspects of The Creator. The seven chakras or energy centres within each of us must be balanced. The 7th and Crown chakra is our knowing that we are spiritual beings and that we do have this direct line of communication to Source. If we don’t believe and know and trust this truth then the Crown chakra is shut down and the alignment is blocked. We activate it by visualizing Source energy and white light entering our bodies through the top of our head.

The 6th is the Third Eye chakra as I mentioned and  is the imagination’s projector. Activated by using our imagination and it is necessary to begin drinking distilled water, up to a gallon each day, which will break down and flush out the inorganic particles in the pineal gland caused by ingesting flouride. The distilled water acts as a magnet to inorganic and does not flush our system of nutrients and organic foods.  ( )

The 5th Throat chakra is the energy centre that when functioning we are able to communicate well and express our ideas and intuitions and is associated with hearing our inner voice and speaking our truth, it allows us to assimilate and discern and express to others and to Source what we truly feel.

The 4th Heart chakra functions when compassion and love for ourselves, and our family and friends and all of humanity is acknowledged. As well as the knowing that all life on this planet is based in LOVE, not emotional needy love but as a state of Being and acceptance that LOVE is who and what we are first and foremost. In the centre of our heart is a star, literally there is a chamber filled with Light and the source of our physical energy that is transferred to all the other chakras and is said to have it’s own brain as well, hence the term think with your heart not your head. The heart is the source of infinite love whereas the brain in our head is our finite ego and source of fear. The physical mind is not designed to figure out how things will manifest, it is only designed to know how things have already happened. The heart alternatively is connected to the higher mind, and the Unified Field of Consciousness and why when we centre our beingness and all that we do, think and feel in LOVE and TRUST, our Higher Mind and Source then work together aligning all the synchronicities and components that result in the physical manifestations that we have imagined, verbalized and written down, and ensured with our high frequency emotions.

The 3rd Solar Plexus chakra is our physical power centre and if blocked with anger and feelings of disempowerment it won’t function and held onto and suppressed negative experiences need to be let go of  via  acknowledging them, then acceptence and then forgiveness to the source of them including ourselves and others. We can do this by acknowledging that all sources of pain is pain and the people that hurt us were hurt by something or someone else. So we bring the healing and nurturing energy of love from the heart centre down into the solar plexus.

The 2nd Sachral chakra at the base of the spine area is the source of our natural and instintive emotions, creative urges, pleasures and needs to create a nest, and source out food and that which sustains our physical existence. When blocked and not receiving energy we go hungry and struggle without the basics. Many spiritual people disregard these needs and choose to fast, be homeless, do nothing but meditate and reject basic comforts.

The 1st chakra is our root chakra and this energy centre is what keeps us grounded and connected with Mother Earth and when balanced and functioning we feel secure and content in our physical reality. We can be still, totally relax and are content on earth. When blocked we can feel anxious and uncomfortable on and can have the feeling we don’t belong here.

All chakras must be working in harmony and cleared of imbalances and blockages. Knowing they exist is part of it and understanding what each centre energizes is important and can be acheived by mediation, contemplation, intention, visualization of all the colours associated forming a rainbow beginning with red at the root, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet and then together they are white light reaching up to the Source and down into the Earth.

Many are centered in the lower three chakras, meaning their focus is in the outter world and while they feel love and express love the focus is regarding survival and their physical reality and they don’t listen to their inner voice, don’t use their imagination to create and don’t acknowledge their spiritual selves. This results in manifesting but randomly and unconsciously and due to much physical effort.

Many are centered in the upper three chakras and are more spiritually inclined have faith in what they can’t see and are not as secure in the physical outter world as they are in their inner world and with their inner voice and imaginings but aren’t grounded, reject materialism and are not comfortable in the physcial world as much as they are in their heads, they manifest very little in the physical sense and don’t feel they belong here on earth.

As we shift from the finite ego mind being in control and identifying with our individuality and separation from each other and Source through groups and our subconscious data base of trauma and conditioning and service to self programming….over to being centred in our Heart chakra via  contemplation of knowledge and shared information and realizations that there’s more to life than going to work and complying. By feeling more and conscious compassion and love, acting on it and thinking  in terms of service to others and humanity and protecting and nurturing the planet and life in general ~ we expand the Light in our Heart centre and by expanding the light and energy of this bridge chakra we heal and balance our lower and higher chakras activating them all and bringing them into alignment and brighter bigger white Light and pure LOVE.

I have the ability, being empathic and telepathic, when in conversation with individuals that has come about via my many years of activisim in areas of housing and homelessness as well as local politics, rights and freedoms as well as relationship matters, with friends and those who at times seek my assistance in solving an issue or dealing with a circumstance ( I have become knowledgable about common law vs legal fiction etc due to being active in pursuing remedy for rights violations etc.) to guide and share solution ideas and helping them in connecting with their higher mind and spiritual selves, as well as with the agenda and fears and limited stuck beliefs and fears stuck or hidden in their subconscious mind. I sense and feel their emotions that are not released and sense and feel their desires they can’t recognize or acknowledge.

Also, when manifesting it’s not just the visual picture or imagination that can bring it forth, a verbal description, or thought and prayer can also create as I have discovered and have some fascinating examples as proof. As well, the letting go of the envisionment or request is key, if we stay attached and in wanting and impatient to the wanting it we will then block the receiving ability.

Also It’s critical to visualize and or ask from a higher vibratory as in excited, happy, laughing or singing and feeling good moment while doing it. It is emotion that brings it forth and connects us to the manifesting energy. And the more important the situation or thing the better. As in what’s essential and aligned with service to others as well as our selves.

And another component to consider and be aware of is that when we are unconsciously allowing old patterns of thought and worry to whirl around in our heads especially fueled by fearful emotion we manifest what we don’t want and more of the same negative experiences we are attempting to manifest our way out of.

Another aspect that will and does sabotage our desires is viewing depressing news, krap t.v. shows and disaster and violent fear generating movies and shows like Dateline that feature murder scenerios and missing children etc. This programming works against our efforts to unplug from the matrix.

I recommend spending a couple of hours viewing some Bashar videos on YouTube. He is the only channeller who accesses his own higher mind rather that an ascended master as many claim to do. Darryl Anka is a very cool guy who has been entertaining and enlightening people to the technology of the human body for over twenty years. When he brings in Bahsar, his higher mind, he is totally different, amazingly adept, intelligent, quick witted, knowlegeable and helpful.

I also recommend the work of Santos Bonacci for explaining the Hermetic Maxim As above so below as within so without. He is an expert on astro theology, and comprehends and articlulates the truth about the body being the Holy Land and the Christ being the oil that descends from a gland in the head to the base of the spine and then ascends to the third eye and activating all the chakras we then become enlightened…check him out, I find him fascinating and very adept at the history of the religions and the hermetic and gnostic knowledge.

Thanks Drake, I trust you will find this information worthwhile.

In LOVE and LIGHT ; )


2012 Light Workers Secret Knowlege

How Powerful Imagination Really Is

Drake’s Answer:

       Mostly correct, yet what you are looking for is contained in
a word ‘pros’ in the Greek.
       This defines the relationship between man and our Creator.
         With- absolutely and fully…
         Yet-   distinctly independent of…
       Within this are the definitions of relationship.
      Looking into the other definers of context and story line,
several expressions emerge. Even so, each holds a part of this paradox
of separate unity.
      Taken overall, most lose several factors through the inability of language
to offer true distinction as a part of inclusion.
      Once emitted, a spirit only loses its ‘identity’ when it can not be redeemed.
      Although carrying an equal identity at a pure spiritual level, the soul/life imprint
remains in tact. That which makes you, you, your intellect/personality, simply reorients
to the more spiritual than physical.
       Due to the immense amount/quality of the changes involved, we are given a hand hold
all know as physical orientation, even though we have ascended to a higher level.
       In a short time, we will move exclusively through a separation/forgetful veil.
       This is one of two we will penetrate/pass through.
       When this is fully penetrated, more of the ‘fog’ between the truth at that level and this one
will be dispelled. Adepts will experience an acceleration towards the next veil. Many at the
apprentice level will be confused but listening, paying attention. Those at the idios level
(uninstructed) will notice a certain amount of confusion, yet awakened.
       As this takes place, a greater understanding will be opened to the adepts…meaning
there is much more ‘we’ are to know. I already know or am familiar with most of that.
       Completion/correction of understanding and perception takes place at that point.
      One of the main spiritual understandings deals directly with attainment of knowledge.
       Of the ways to garner knowing, only a couple hold water. Channeling is not considered
a good way to achieve contact. The higher spiritual realities require a more direct and clean way
of communication. Until one is completely devoid of any and all influences, they are not
allowed direct audience with Creation or The Creator. This goes directly to ‘purity’.
      Thus, those who allow spiritual habitation, also allow all the experiences and prejudices
of the entity they allow to take over, to have full control.
      None of the well known ‘readers’ or ‘intuitive’s’, operated in this manner using channeling as
their technique.
      We are dealing with mostly uneducated people in this area. In order to ‘awaken’ them, this
has to be explained in very general terms.
      The specific area of true spirituality has no room for religion or any other form of man’s
ideas and belief systems. Forget it, it does not work that way, like it or not.
      All belief systems will undergo extraordinary changes from what we have now.
     Everyone will find the absolute truth as we progress through the ascension process.
     This is without incorrect influence of any kind, thus enters absolute purity of knowing, the
source being The Creator.
     After taking all this in several times, it might be prudent to rescind the prejudices found
in ALL our belief systems. I know of no other way to start getting to this absolute truth.
     I hear many calling for love, light, and happiness…to enlighten, one must first know happiness.
To be happy, one must understand the phrase, ‘this is the day the Lord hath made, be glad and rejoice in it’.
We are here only to provide the light of example, in knowing, we can joy again- or rejoice.
Glad defines the base state of being where everything is the same glee of the child exploding into
the creative ‘light’ of the beauty of spring…run to roll in the grass.
Love is the ultimate combination of the above without condition or qualification of any kind.
     Until we understand that mere acceptance is enough, that we do not need to know every detail of how it all works,
will ‘We’ (mankind), be able to partake of the grand majesty of even the smallest blossom.
     After many years of reading libraries of books and ideas, I have found a partial answer to knowing.
    There are two requirements.
    Know it is. Accept the unqualified commitment, between you and The Creator. If one wishes, study all
of everything written about it…and you will still come back to acceptance of it. The unqualified knowledge.
    Take action on that knowledge, thus using the power of knowledge in action known as Wisdom.
    We are to teach children…our ability to maintain loving patience in this instructs us to see through the
eyes of a child. Honest, unadulterated, unprejudiced, and pure.
    I strive towards the day when common conversation is about Freedom.
    God says, ‘believe or not as you so chose’.
    Freedom of choice, breeds Freedom of will, and is sacred even to our Creator.

I was wondering what your thoughts are on bashar. With bashar i mean the being who is talking through Darryl Anka.
Thank you
Drake’s Answer:  
         There is no validity to anyone or their information
gathered through the technique known as ‘Channeling’.
This method is considered an abomination to the
real powers you wish to access.
This is a form of ‘possession’ and is not recommended
under any circumstance.
~ Drake
Drake & Co.I came across two very interesting pieces of information that if you are not aware of may be valuable in the greater scheme of things.One is from Lee Beymer, who did a conference call Monday morning with the 10:30 energy curse call. He made some very interesting comments about some of the people he has been working with over the past year. This is the link and if you slide in to the 8 minute mark you will get where he begins.

Also I just today received a long email update from John Lash with updates. I am highlighting the parts that jumped out at me and that you may find interesting.

“Regarding mars, note the following: mars stood at 8 Scorpio conjunct
Khambalia at the moment of completion of Pleromic Relay. Mars proceeds
through the SCALES in a way that anticipates the movement of saturn into
that constellation. On December 21, 2012 saturn stands in 8 Scorpio at
Khambalia, the limit of the VIRGIN. At the completion of the conditions
of correction, saturn makes a retrograde loop at the fulcrum of the
SCALES. You can say, saturn in the fulcrum of the SCALES is one omen of
completion of the initial conditions of correction. We can anticipate
that moment by watching the current transit of mars through the
constellation: it passes the fulcrum at the moment of the fall equinox.
In a few days.

We can read in the current transit of mars an omen of the increasing
demonstration of warrior ethics in correction as it is reflected in
external events. The direction of violent revolt, or the use of
“elucidated violence” as I called it in the Kala Tantra talks on Grok,
can be demonstrated in dramatic and decisive ways, going forward.

Arrgh! Not a moment too soon, I would say. I can picture civil war
breaking out in the USA in April 2013. April 2013 is also the moment
that alternative media mavens Gerald Celente and Max Keiser has picked
for complete catastrophic breakdown of the social order in the USA.”

The fact that Mars is positioned where it is now is quite an omen. One should know that John hasn’t put out some of the aspects of Kali Yuga yet so as to keep the Pshchopath’s away.

If what he says is true than within 12 hours they will be after him. By then it may be too late for them.

Take Care!

Roger E. Ouellette
Mattapoisett, MA.

      Correct accesses-
         Although there are massive changes coming in several critical areas of society…
       Bear in mind that the ‘attitude’ of those looking is what determines the ‘time line’
one ‘attaches’ to.
       An absolutely ‘clear’ frame of mind must be used when intuitively ‘looking’.
      This means no attitudes of any kind and no ideas of what should be.
      When this is done in this way, a pure and clear picture develops, allowing
one to find the most prominent ‘time line’.
      It is the celestial movement type of ‘astrology’ that best depicts probabilities
of any subsequent impacts. In order to have a valid concept, this can only have
relevance when the prominent time line is accessed.