This is why…

This has been being said a lot.

I suggest our government be investigated for illegal international gun sales.
The pictures show three ‘Felony’ counts that Eric Holder needs to be charged with, two (2) guns and a DEAD man.
‘Fast and Furious’ is only a part.
The ‘executive privilege’ goes to the long standing practice by our government selling arms on the black markets.
It used to be sales against our enemies, but over the years it became nothing more than a money maker.
He who has the cash, gets the deal.
Until a ‘real’ investigation of Fast and Furious is made of everyone, this truth will not come out.
As we all can see, our president decided to hide from this truth.
Now an illegal ‘United Nations Treaty’ has invaded our country to take our last defense…
WAKE UP people, everything is on the line on this one.