What to Do?

Hey Drake, got another question for ya.
On one of your shows you were talking about envisioning.  I have been trying that and so far nothing has worked.  I was also reading, that if i didn’t truly believe what it was that i was envisioning, it wouldn’t happen…is this true?
So let me be honest, money is a huge problem and i haven’t worked in 10 yrs. due to back surgery.  How would i go about helping myself and raise my son…envisioning money?  Can you give me some pointers please?  It would help immensely.
        Vision is a picture.
       Envision is a picture you recall or make in your mind.
      Envisionment is the act of making that picture.
       The use is simply finding the situation you are looking
for or needing, and making a very detailed image of that.
       The more ‘real’ you make it, the more likely it is to become
your reality.
       The more often you ‘see’ this the better.
       The more people who see the same, the more force the vision has.
       Describe this to your child and have them ‘help’…
      This is the process.