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OK,what’s your answer to all these things’ Drake? And, PLEASE, have one.

Re: I assume, this U.S. Government wasn’t working properly, and
what all our founders have put in place, isn’t correct? Therefore, this fellow who has
gotten himself, with the “power of the pen”, will take everything away. My question is,
where in the “devil” is these folks, we have voted for, and sent to “Washington” to represent, “We the People”? I myself, certainly haven’t served in the Marine Corps,
to be subjective to this type of punishment, as a “tax payer”.
Respectfully yours, James Driver

Wow!  Scary stuff, here if true.

Looks like Obama’s got everything in place for his final move…

Executive  Orders  he has issued in the  last three and a half years.  I found this article in Western Journalism  that should frighten all of us. Get out the vote in November folks!!!

A  Comprehensive List Of Obama’s Worst Executive Orders   JUNE 15, 2012  BY _LAURIE ROTH_   (;

There have been  over 900 Executive Orders put forth from Obama, and he is   not even  through his first term yet.  He is creating a martial law ‘Disney   Land’  of control covering everything imaginable.  Some of the executive   orders  he has signed recently have been exposed thanks to ‘Friends of  Conservative  Action Alerts.’  They have compiled a choice list of ‘Emergency   Powers,  Martial law executive orders’:

Get your headache medication out while you still can without a prescription.

*  Executive Order 10990 allows the Government to take over all modes of   transportation and control of highways and  seaports.
* Executive  Order 10995 allows  the government to seize and control the   communication  media.
* Executive  Order 10997 allows  the government to take over all electrical   power, gas, petroleum, fuels, and  minerals.
* Executive  Order 11000 allows  the government to mobilize civilians into   work brigades under government  supervision.
* Executive  Order 11001 allows  the government to take over all health   education and welfare  functions.
* Executive  Order 11002  designates the Postmaster General to operate a   national registration of all  persons.
* Executive  Order 11003 allows  the government to take over all airports   and aircraft, including commercial  aircraft.
* Executive  Order 11004 allows  the Housing and Finance Authority to   relocate and establish new locations for  populations.
* Executive  Order 11005 allows  the government to take over railroads,   inland waterways, and public storage  facilities.
* Executive  Order 11049 assigns  emergency preparedness function to   federal departments and agencies,  consolidating 21 operative Executive Orders   issues over a fifteen-year  period.
* Executive  Order 11051 specifies  the responsibility of the Office of   Emergency Planning and gives authorization  to put all Executive s into   effect in times of increased international  tensions and economic or financial   crisis.
* Executive  Order 11310 grants  authority to the Department of Justice to   enforce the plans set out in  Executive Orders, to institute Industrial   support, to establish judicial and  legislative liaison, to control all aliens,   to operate penal and correctional  institutions, and to advise and assist   the President.
* Executive  Order 11921 allows  the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency   to develop plans to establish  control over the mechanisms of production and   distribution of energy sources,  wages, salaries, credit, and the flow of   money in U.S. financial institutions  in any undefined national emergency. It   also provides that when the president  declares a state of emergency,   Congress cannot review the action for six  months.   It is more than  clear that Obama is planning for the total control and   takeover of America via  Martial Law.  Food, energy, transportation, work,   banking, and health.  He  has it covered.

While Obama is  busy pulling executive orders out of the sky to control   everything inside our  country, he has been issuing executive orders to force   us to submit to  international regulations instead of our Constitution.
Sher Zieve  exposed this in one of her recent articles.  “Damn the U.S.   Constitution, damn the  American people and damn U.S. sovereignty.”

We must send  faxes, emails, and make calls to all congressman and demand   they stop Obama’s  perverted, extreme, and Unconstitutional abuse of   Executive Orders.  It  is time to demand our elected leaders start protecting   America, our  sovereignty, and our Constitution.  So far, they seem to be  protecting  the Obama – Marxist takeover plans peppered with a little U.N. and  Islam.


     EO’s are not a full weight ‘order’ as most think.
     Each has to be ‘approved’ by our legislature in order
to be ‘valid’…
     However, under certain special situations, an EO can
be put in place in active legal format.
    This can only take place under the ‘War Powers Act’,
and only in an ‘approved’ state of war.
    Ideas of just because, war on drugs, and other reasoning’s,
do not qualify the use of The War Powers Act for the use of
executive edict, etc.
    Only those EO’s that fall under the basic requirements of
the act, and/or are approved by our representatives, has merit
or any legal/lawful impacts.
     We have a mutiny situation between the executive branch
and our military because of exactly these points.
     Countermanding an order set forth by The Commander in
Chief, sanctioned by subsequent Command officers, by a Command
officer of lesser rank, is mutiny through relief of Command.
      Just that simple.