Time to wake up! TSA 95% failure means that it don’t work. Allowing crooks to have guns don’t work either. Our ‘broken’ justice department has proved to be subject to the political agenda in office at the time. And Eric Holder has not been called to answer for international firearms trafficing. This helps, BUT, the answer is gun charges for the crooks. What part of “shall not be infringed” do you not understand?

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Time to wake up! TSA 95% failure means that it don’t work. Allowing crooks to have guns don’t work either. Our ‘broken’ justice department has proved to be subject to the political agenda in office at the time. And Eric Holder has not been called to answer for international firearms trafficing. This helps, BUT, the answer is gun charges for the crooks. What part of “shall not be infringed” do you not understand?

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Is There Trouble in Jakarta? Neil Keenan Missing?

Is There Trouble in Jakarta?
Neil Keenan Missing?

A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum last evening… I was alerted to the presence of some possible problems for Neil in Jakarta.

According to those that were present, it appears that he came face to face with some Mercenaries when he went to visit an Elder in the jungle. The vehicle outside of the house had some faux military markings on it, while a smattering of these same markings were spotted on his person.

It was assumed by all that this attempt at deception was to give the Elder’s family, associates and neighbors the implication that he really was somebody, other than who he really was. Neil implied that he was one of George Soros’ goons.

I have had some conversations with Neil in the past concerning Soros and the opinion held by many is that he is afraid of Neil.

We had heard that over the past years that the use of Merc’s in what is believed by the Cabal to be valuable landscape has been rather commonplace. In fact, the word on the “grapevine” was that there were many such stakeouts going on at this time across the Indonesian landscape.

To me, the amazing part of that scenario seems to be the GPS that George gave his goons to locate the assets of the Global Accounts appears to be broken. Due to the fact that the Merc’s have not been airlifting boxes of assets from the supposedly valuable landscape, there just can’t be any other explanation.

Oh, maybe just a minute… maybe there can be another argument made for the ineffectiveness. And that would be the IQ levels of the humanoids that George has given the task of operating the GPS “thingies,” simply are too low to execute.

But whatever the case may be, the Merc that was at the Elder’s home was just sitting on his butt doing nothing. Of course, Neil could not let an opportunity like that go by, as the story goes. He attempted to engage the Merc in conversation with his usual light hearted prankster rap but the man had little to say.

The only sound that came from his mouth was an order for everyone to pose for a picture. But this is where the quick thinking of the Indonesian native Nelu proved invaluable. He was in control of the only camera in the room. Before he handed it to the big guy, he set the camera so that the next picture snapped would vanish in 90 minutes.

I would assume that he had some explaining to do to HQ when he discovered that the picture he snapped was not in the camera.

This guy was having a bad day in regard to his future job opportunities. His updated resume will now have to include the fact the Elder had “left the building” and was nowhere to be found and the picture that he took of the people he was sent to keep away from the Elder had vanished. Oh well, maybe Blackwater can use him in the Ukraine.

In regards to the Cabal and Neil’s little squabble, let’s look at some facts. There have been multiple assassination attempts on Neil’s life over the past several years of which the success ratio is hovering somewhere south of .001%.

The assets of the Global Accounts remain intact. He is the only non-Asian to ever enter a bunker. The ability of the Cabal to mirror the accounts at the UBS in Switzerland has been reduced to a number that is causing some serious liquidity problems for the Khazarian Mafia Banksters. (Lookout George… you may be called upon to make a serious grant to the cause!)

I suppose that I should be more concerned about Neil’s whereabouts being a mystery at the moment, as I had been sent a little bit of information concerning a future event involving a car bomb.

But it always seems that when weighing the facts against the probabilities of Neil losing the battle against the “bad guys,” I have found that there just might be something else at play here. Could there be some invisible forces that may have tilted the point spread in one direction or the other?

I can’t point to anything definitive on this point, but I would recommend that you call your Bookie and place whatever you can afford on “Neil and the Global Accounts -6”, as I feel quite certain they will cover the spread.

By Anonymous

Officials side step the real issue. There are ‘controls’ that have been denied funding, that can prevent most accidents. Why are ‘officials’ (all of them) ducking the truth? Little funding for track maintenance don’t help either. But, it looks good, and ya gotta do something. So let’s throw money at it so ‘we’ can say we did something? IF these specific safety systems are not installed, both the rail companies AND legislators can be held liable!

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Good News!

May 18 at 10:06 PM
The Regulators Anti-Socialism Vigilance Committee

Check out the discussion ‘Jade Helm has been kicked out of Colorado and 3 Texas counties’
BREAKING NEWS on Jade Helm activities in Colorado & Texas

Discussion posted by Regulator:

A Newly Released Jade Helm Document Reveals the True Intent of the Drill ~ See article & videos here:http://wp.me/p2X3AR-aJJ

Discussion link:
Jade Helm has been kicked out of Colorado and 3 Texas counties

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ATTENTION – Notification II

I will lay out a portion of the overall plan, in general.
A while back, everyone was worried that the ‘safety net’ would be overwhelmed by ‘refugees’ crossing our southern border.
That is NOT the problem.
The problem is similar to the recent elections in Britain, and the ‘torries’ saying their first action would be to cut all social services.
Our representatives have legislated to ‘cut’ Social Security in 2017, and most social services, discretionary spending as well.
>It is the cutting that is the greatest danger.
>In finance, the new law stipulates that ALL deposits into All banks becomes a part of their ‘capital structure’. Meaning they own the deposits.
>Corporate ‘welfare’ has one major recipient, Berkshire Hathaway. Think 100’s of billions of dollars, and continuously.
>The whole medical field is exempt from any form of cost/price controls. Another nice law. Contributions are in the billions of dollars each year to our ‘representatives’.
>The ‘trade’ deal known as The Trans Pacific Partnership, removes ALL rights, due process, and almost all arbitration. Corporations are in full control.
>Jade Helm 15 is the staging of our military to collectively remove anyone who objects, takes issue with, and criticizes our government. Human rendition is taking you prisoner, then transport to a holding/re-education facility. FEMA camp.
Expect to see ‘troops’ in every state.
Note that these troops are wearing The United Nations insignia.
The United Nations is The New World Order.
This is the intended coup that allows a fascist dictatorship government to rule us all.
>The states involved are Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Southern California.
-Texas is Ground Zero.
The military is using that underground tunnel system that doesn’t exist, to put troops and material in place.
->Texas, you need to secede NOW!!!
>>Time Table
I order to pull this off, actions will have to happen in June, July, and August. These will be ‘pre-emptive’ actions.
The stage for this plan is being set as you read this.
>At present, derivatives are causing problems in the bond markets.
When bonds have problems, the rest of the whole of finance does.
>>TEXAS is The Key State. Texas is an independent republic that has agreed to affiliate with The United States, It is NOT a State under full federal control. Thus it can Secede by choice at any time.
Texas also is a very strong Militia State, that puts our Constitution first.
Accordingly, it has been ‘designated’ as Ground Zero by those who hate any form of Freedom.
>Be aware that communications, cell phones, internet, can be ‘turned off’ at any time. Banks can be closed by the central banks at any time.
>>>I have had two pentagon sources confirm the above. These have always been 100% accurate.
>There is a ‘possibility’ of the good guys stepping up and helping us be free. This would be a last minute action, IF it happens.
If or when I get more info, I will post it.
– Be prepared and hope for the best.
Thank you.

Drake Kent

The United States Military is tasked with protecting America. With all of the enemies ‘we’ have made, the military got worried and raised its ‘security’ level. Why? For self protection? How about attending to doing your job? That would be taking all these enemies into custody and deporting them. IF the military refuses, I ask the militias to step up. Do your job, the one you swore an oath about. IF our very own militias refuse, then all this will be left to all those loud mouthed patriots. This link is not today’s news, a couple of years old, BUT, everyone needs to take in the reality.

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Limitations of The Freedom of Speech Rights. IF The First Amendment is upheld, then filming the police is legal, and saying how nasty our government is, is equally legal. Do you give up your ‘Rights’ by using a service on the internet? When people publish things that are against an accepted agenda, you get taken out by refusal of services, arrests, and raids. There are NO excuses for these actions by those entrusted to ‘uphold’ and administer the laws. Simply, ‘I might disagree with what you say, BUT, I will defend to the death your right to say it.’ Who still believes and acts as if they were/are Above The Law!

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Now there is ‘legislation’. I strongly suggest these idealists be absolutely sure that ‘everything’ in this legislation also has the ‘correct definition’. Tell everyone how ALL veterans are dangerous terrorists and people who own guns are looking to kill our fellow man? If any leftist socialist thinks they can take my protection without providing full time, always there protection, I am all ears. Of course they can’t, no more than there are cops where you need them when you need them. Get real! To provide true/real gun safety, try taking every crook who commits any crime while armed, off the streets, by way of gun charges? Why is it that our Justice Department has told the police and prosecutors no gun charges? Background checks? Really? How many ‘crooks’ does anyone know who follows any law? Crooks buy their guns on the corner, not in a gun shop. What part of not be infringed upon do you not understand? A whole state is now ‘A Gun Free Zone’…so were the places where mass shootings took place.

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Two problems with ‘Redistribution’. Less money in your pocket, AND, no one ever sees the money. This is a ‘Socialist Leftist’ idea of taking everyone Else’s money by force and saying they will give it to those who need it, and keeping the money. IF we had a much smaller government, these ‘problems’ vanish. WAKE UP! Who is willing to go along with this theft? How about require a ‘benefits tax’ for the good of the people? A certain amount goes to fund the ‘safety net’, and can not be put to any other use, transferred, or allocated…? Even so, the fed continues to steal money from our social security fund… We need a new government.

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[5/6/15, 12:07:08 PM] Drake: Attention ALL Muslims. [5/6/15, 12:08:23 PM] Drake: Those who refuse to be subject to the ‘radical’ minority, are beginning to take action. [5/6/15, 12:09:22 PM] Drake: The problem is the Muslim communities refusal to clean your own house. And no, the time for talk is past. [5/6/15, 12:12:12 PM] Drake: IF those who hold peaceful beliefs do not start removing those who feel they have a moral duty to kill in order to promote their ideas, expect to be monitored, recorded, and watched closely. [5/6/15, 12:16:28 PM] Drake: I do not believe any form of religiously derived ‘sentencing’ for the control of people, because of any definition, naming, or ideology, stands the test of righteousness, or good conscience. [5/6/15, 12:18:15 PM] Drake: This has been upheld on all sides of this issue, except those using AK47’s to force their ‘agenda’. [5/6/15, 12:19:26 PM] Drake: It is the ‘radicals’ who are proving to be real ‘Infidels’, by their actions. [5/6/15, 12:20:43 PM] Drake: Most people of the world are at the point of thinking ALL Muslims must be the same as those shooting, Because the majority just talk and do nothing.

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Economic problems? This ‘report’ is only two years late. Try looking inside. When has anyone ever heard of oligarchs selling off producing assets? Oil fields, all kinds of mines, and real estate holdings… The currencies of the world are going down the tubes, AND, several governments are helping to do it? This all started in the 60’s and has been getting worse, through better technologies to do so. Automatic Computer control that ‘takes’ but no one is responsible? The icing on this cake is that now ALL governments want ALL the rest…

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