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            HISTORY  & Intel from The Field-
[12/14/2012 It started iout in the early 1970s as Project 404 that was drafted by a BUSh, Sr hired aattorney named either Boughton or Houghton or something like that them it evolved into a full blown black covert operation “hotel California” during the time that Bush, Sr was the statutory head of the National Security Council, all funded with off the books funny money,. it is pure evil, and a war crime, like his father Bush did it for personal profit, he should be  charged convicted and executed along wiith all other particiipants.  John Kerry deliberatelly avoided this subject duriing the time he was Chair of the Senate Sellect Commmittee for POWs/MIAS, in 1993.  Please remember recent reference to modified promis software master computer disc, hold all information and currently in the “hotel California” secret office, many have died but not all, Jerry”hog” Daniels, CIA station chief Bangkok, 1979, William Colby, 1986, Marion Shelton, there are many more, it  is a serial masss murder, there must be justice.
  Some years ago there was a guy living in Arorura, Colorado, his name was Dennis Wiliams, he worked at the local hardware store, in 1973, he was a secretly returned live POW processed via Nellis Airforce base.  At the same time Hienrich Rupp was secretly rreturned, he had been captured in Laos when he was on project 404 missions, his returnn was so secret, that his then wife did not even know that he had returned.  The referenced Dennis Willliams abruptly disappeared to parts unknown, all his info is recorded in the “hotel California” CIA secret office, as is Rupp’s info, and the old project 404 info and the Bush, Sr hired attorney who drafted peoject 404.
     – hotel California last E mail a slight correction
The referenced Dennis Willams was living and working at the local hardware store in westminister, Colorado ant the same time Heinrich Rupp was living in Aurora, Colorado
— Previously referenced deployed cit out Richard Toma got the document from his source who had access to the “hotel California”  Toma gave the document to the late father of the previously referenced CWO William Milliner, he found me in the Perfiidy book by John Holland, and asked me  to review the document, it was an internal memo.  After an explicit reference to the deep undergound facility in Dulce, New Mexico, it stated, ” some are our service people, rows and rows of cages, when the drugs wear off they cry out for help…” It then expressed an explicit threat on the life of Marion Shelton, who was dead about 30 days later, the quoted internal memo document was from around 1990, the people responsible for this should be summarily execuuted, without further delay;  “rows and rows of cages, some are our service ppeople when the drugs wear off they cry out for help…’ that document should still be in the files of the “hotel California”  Please forward to Drake for follow up posting, thank you
– When you and drake start getting feed back on the “hotel California” subject, please do let me know, thank you.  I rather  expect it to kick up a real shit storm among the bad guys, relative to the war crimes part they will start saying it wasn’t it was the other guy, except Bush, Sr’s name is all over it going back to project 404 in 1973, and by statute he was the head of the National Security Council, when the “hotel California went fully operational and started killing people to keep it concealed, so he cannot say it was some other guy, remember according too my CIA briefer from CIA station Bangkok, the original source was Paul Mather and the second confirming source was Richard Childress, both of whom worked on the staff of the NSC for Bush, Sr.
     This should be clearer than earlier intel communications.
     A person from a foreign country may not have a good working
English background. When such a person gets excited, things get worse.
     Many objected to the broken message, however I believe some just
might like to see the real thing.
     I hope this helps.