Push To Impose Extra Fees On Solar Customers Draws Outrage In Wisconsin

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Utilities are ‘supposed’ to maintain their systems, including upgrading it. I have yet to see one that has done so, but use the ‘surcharges’ to enhance their bottom lines. Now that that fraud is no longer working, it is time to ‘TAX’ everyone. Oil companies outlawed alcohol for the money too.



A comment from a follower : Let Down & Fed Up

From Drake: A comment from a follower :
Let Down & Fed Up

September 9, 2014 at 5:31 pm

Open Letter to Jean Haines

Ok, so we’ve all had enough of Jean Haines and the dim-witted, ignorant people who write for her. But before we all forget Jean, I for one have to get it this out of my system.

I have followed you, Jean, from the very beginning and admired your work. It was like a breath of fresh air. Every day I looked forward to find what you posted, and it was like a Jean Haines fix. Then along came Neil Keenan and you took us on one exciting ride. It was cool, the daily highs and lows. Things were finally, finally happening. But something went wrong. You began to talk down to us, your readers. You also became controlling of Neil Keenan, but he just kept on doing what he was doing and went after the bad guys with no fear. He gave us all a reason to believe, to hope that things would change for us all. And he remains one of the courageous guys doing any kind of real thing to help us. When you had first had the falling out with him, you never even had the honesty enough to say what it was all about. That was the first big red flag, Jean, on a website that’s dated two years ago about the “real” truth, no less.

Then you went after Drake Bailey. This supposedly was about Denise and Gramy J having words with Drake which pushed him so far that he fired his gun into the air out of pure frustration. Instead of seeing this for what it was, your team of girls (no, I was not in on this), led by you and this guy who has been anonymous until now, Tom Simms from Chicago, put together a plan to get rid of Drake. Yes, Jean, you planned this and told others to be quiet and stay out of the way. I know because I received the message as well. You created this deception to destroy a man who never did a thing to hurt anyone. And based on nothing, you claimed that Drake abuses women. Yes, this info got to me too.

Neil Keenan said in one of his most recent videos: “Drake’s wife adores him and he has never raised a hand to her.” Don’t you think his own wife would know if he abuses women? But you keep pointing to a nasty letter that Drake sent you as proof that he was abusive and threatening but you’ve never made this letter public. Keenan said he received a copy of Drake’s letter and that there was nothing in it that was threatening or harmful. So who do we believe, Jean? How about you post that letter so that we can decide for ourselves and see what made you go off-the-chain about it. Better still, since I’m never going back to your website now, maybe Drake or Keenan can post that letter.

Now you’ve completely lost it with your attacks on Keenan, soon followed by your posts written by some anonymous idiot who can’t write, attacking everyone else like Fulford, Wilcock, the King of Hawaii, Kauilapele, and even Alcuin Bramerton. If that wasn’t enough, then you post some insane crap from the OITC which as we all know is a totally bogus organization. After the fact you realized you were knee deep in it because you quickly posted the Wikipedia description of OITC and then took down all of those posts and comments real fast. Only a few readers know about those posts, but I sure saw them.

You lied about Keenan having the funds from the Bitcoin account, and after you finally transferred the funds to him, you threatened one of the members of his team with exposing his name and his family. What kind of a sick revenge game are you playing? You knew all along that you had the funds.

Then you call Count Albert, which everyone knows is none of your business in the first place. You tried to get rid of Keenan and because you obviously didn’t get the response you wanted from the man, you turn around and post an attack on him, calling him a con man. Ok, so maybe it was this idiot again writing about that, but you posted it under your name. What a disgrace.

Good grief, Jean, I’ve been following it all and you’re turning out to be more horrifying every day. Have you gone off your medication or something? Has this guy Simms or some other cabal handler got some hold over you? Whatever good you’ve ever done, now you’ve undone every single thing. You’re a big traitor and a really painful humiliation to our truth and freedom movement.

How I wish I could find some difference between what the cabal is doing and what you’re doing, but I can’t! I used to be behind you, and post comments on your site, but now I feel like a fool for doing that. You are the con woman, Jean, and you’re slamming everyone else as being a con. Nazi Germany was famous for that kind of trick. At least the cabal are straight out evil but you hide behind words of love and light and this makes it oh so clear that there’s no way you believe what you preach. And just when you think the world couldn’t get any more insane.

And your squawking over and over about Neil threatening your life – puulease, Jean. If this was really the case, why don’t your readers comment about how totally evil and appalling that is? They don’t comment on it because everyone realizes but you that he is not threatening your life. He’s threatening your “secret” by making a phone call. I don’t know what that secret is, but when I consider everything you’re trying to do against those who mean to help mankind, I want to stop you too. How in the world can you be so hell bent on revenge, so flipping blind to the damage you are trying to do?

Now it’s really obvious that you have been more than dirty yourself when you attack this former supporter of yours. This Emily has come forward and is pissed off with you, and you have to wonder why. She says she’s written most of what you have posted about Keenan and his group and all of the other attacks. She claims she researches too but what kind of research is this? So it’s true that you have not been writing those posts and worse yet, this Emily is stupidly pulling trash off the internet and you don’t have the good sense to see it for what it really is. But probably you do see it for what it is and that’s why you are posting it.

Shame on you for deceiving us all. Shame on you for trying to deceive us into believing Neil Keenan and his team, the only good thing you have ever had, are cons. You call it beyond ugly when he responds to you because he’s calling you on your twisted, devious deceptions. But I see it in his face that he holds back and doesn’t completely lash out against you, and I wonder why. Jean, you don’t deserve any mercy at all.

The house is falling on you and I’m glad to see it. You’ve done this all to yourself and have no one to blame but yourself. I cannot believe that you have gone this far to deceive us. What happened to the good woman you used to be? It is a joke, a really bad joke that is not funny at all.

I will never go back to your website again. You have gone too far now, Jean. You’ve have shot yourself in the foot and nothing can undo it. You’re left with only the bad guys at your side now and that’s not a safe place to be. Maybe the only thing that this fool Emily was right about is that you are not the kind old grandmother type that you make yourself out to be. I am almost as old as you and a grandmother six times over and I know what it takes to be one and that is not you.

Whoa be to those people who still follow you. I am not fooled by you anymore. From one woman to another, stop making us women look like monsters who want the cabal to continue on and on. Since you don’t feel any way about posting stuff anonymously, I’m going to stay anonymous too.

Let Down and Fed Up
[9/9/14 6:52:52 PM] Drake: Another opinion :
[9/9/14 6:53:00 PM] Drake: From Eagle Eye:

Just wanted to add my thoughts on what I see is happening on the internet now:  every single brave one who, in their own way, is making a stand to fight for freedom and to put out some truth, is now experiencing extreme harassment and assault from cabal shills.

These shills have now revved up their attacks.  Yes, it is true that desperate men do desperate things.  These strikes against the ones who stand up for us, make us aware of the atrocities being forced on this beautiful planet and its creatures, the ones who incite us to become awake to what’s going on, are being brutally assailed like never before.  Every single one — Neil Keenan, Ben Fulford, David Wilcock, Drake Bailey, Dane Wigington, et al.  These are the ones who have the courage to put their lives on the line to give us what they are able to give, to the best of their ability.

When considering what these brave people are doing, I have to ask:  who among us can claim that they have been perfect and accurate in all of their endeavors?  Would we be better off without the ones who try their best to do good for mankind?  No!  Absolutely not.

I ask you:  “When have we let evil become stronger than us?”

Now on to another issue that I’ve thought about often, Rumor Mill News.  This site provides a mixed bag of info, and to be sure they post some gems, which reflect that they do have some intelligent and fair moderators.  But it has been completely mystifying to me why they post items that are clearly from disinfo agents and shills.  It’s hard enough to figure out what’s true these days without muddying the waters with even more crap, so why do they do it?

Like what they post from David Crayford (aka Crayfish) who is with the OITC.  It’s a known fact that OITC is completely bogus organization.   Yet idiots solicit his responses and time and time again, there is not one single real thing that he says the OITC is doing for humanitarian purposes.  Not one thing.  To further kill this guy’s credibility, he supports Abundant Hope – ‘nuff said.

By some coincidence I found out a connection here.  It is only fair that I should make known the only reason I think Rumor Mill continues to post Crawford’s drivel — because Rayelan, the site’s owner, has a romantic interest in David Sale, a former principal of OITC.  This is the only reason I can figure for her posting messages from Crayfish/OITC and others of his ilk, including IGOTS2NO.

So in my own small way, I make a stand here against this evil and against those who try to keep us confused, misinformed and in the dark about what’s really happening out there.   The more who stand up, the stronger we are.