I was not expecting anything like the call got last Sunday.
So, I’ve been thinking about it since then.
As most know, there are a lot of people who take issue
with our shows and posts.
I see most of that as free advertizing, as everyone has an opinion.
Those who listen to our show, also know that there have been a
lot of ‘technical problems’, hacking, etc.
- I have decided to offer a report that only officials know about.
I feel our listeners have a right to know…
> Last Sunday, in the late afternoon, I got a call. Very few who
know me would call on Sunday, so I took the call.
Much to my surprise, it was a representative of the office of
the Attorney General of The StateĀ  of Illinois.
I was asked about an investigation they were conducting, people
involved, actions these people had or were taking, and whom
all I might know in regards to this case.
The details were about the following list of people:
Tom Sims, Jeane Haynes, Scott Pollock, Deb Martindale, and
several others, and things going on in other states and countries.
To be blunt, I was on the phone for about an hour and a half,
and quit surprised at the detail.
In order to help, I decided to cooperate, and answered all
their questions and sent archives of things I have…
- Jean living in Kelowna, BC in Canada…Illegally…
- Tom Sims living in his mothers basement, hacking, etc. Sims has
caused so much trouble his mother is selling the house.
Some sort of fraud in Cyprus that is still being investigated, etc.
- Pollock was involved in the defamation, so he is being checked as
to any involvement with the X members group…and other things.
- Martindale came up as a person of interest, along with Otto…
The investigator asked about a very long list of names I didn’t know,
and people, activities, in California and other states as well.
I was told that everyone who is involved had their computers hacked
and that they had enough information on everyone. It seems that
there are electronic records that are kept that are made available
in an investigation like this one…even if someone cleans their computer.
I did ask about Denise, and they are very aware of everything she did,
but were not real interested so far.
I was told that after they get done with the investigation, they would determine
what charges might be made for all concerned.
-> I normally don’t sit on information, especially when itĀ  has to do with
our attempts to free ourselves and our country, BUT, this has been
going on for a long time, and I wanted to think it through before
I advised everyone of some of the things going on with this.
It would seem to me that the officials would not have spent the amount
of time on the phone with me if they were not serious.
When I asked, I was informed that I had been very helpful and the
additional information would be forwarded to the FBI.
I do hope this clears the air as to what is happening now.
Thank you,