Paranoia is real, especially for those who are at a disadvantage. Immigration issues are not the only thing going on. Many are afraid to sign up for Obamacare because they fear deportation… I can understand that. In order to get people to sign into the government registers, what better way than to dangle that carrot of amnesty? Obamacare failed in its attempt to ‘register’ everyone, so, the new way is getting everyone all excited in believing you can relax and be free. First, this is ‘Temporary’, and promises nothing permanent. Second, when you ‘register’, the government will know everything about you and your family. Funny, but Obama could have done this while he had control of the house and senate. Just why is it that he picks this particular time to do this now? Remember, this administration believes we are all stupid, Hmmm? As none of the ‘government’ promises have been kept to date, just what makes anyone believe them now? If this executive order is overturned, exactly where does that leave you? Twisting in the wind and no place to hide…? Think about all this carefully, Before you sign your life away, and they know who, where, you and your family can be located. Drake

Invasion or not, what power can people look for to help them against the murder of civilians by their own government? We have militias, but they could not stand against our military. I suggest Putin was acting to help the defenseless civilians. With NATO and others, it sounds like such actions as killing civilian populations is acceptable? I stand opposed to that. Even so, here is an unofficial view: Attack Russia? Are you crazy?

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