To start I’m going to ask ‘Everyone’ to lighten up and hold your water. My ‘racial’ training started as a child and my parents did NOT give in to various demands made at the time, think 1950’s. My family has been ‘involved’ in Civil Rights from its start. I see a lot of raw hate that has no place, in any society. The basic thing that is being missed, is that this has been a part of a long range plan. It started when ‘slavery’ first started, thousands of years ago. None of any of it is worth anything. However, because some enterprising people took the initiative and put together America, the basic idea of slavery changed. We now have several ‘levels’ and ‘forms’ of slavery. Much of this is because of the long term changes in our systems. Everyone owes their success to others, no matter what they are doing. The idea that ‘you didn’t build this’ is true. Customers, friends, and family ‘built’ it…everyone had help. I fully agree that this is and has been a real problem that has never been addressed. The reasons is simple. The ‘conflict’ has to continue in order for the ‘crisis’ to be maintained. For this reason, we have the ‘enforcement’ we have now. It is a reality for everyone who deals with any level of government. This leaves ALL of us in a tight spot. The idea of government is to help relieve people of having to do two full time jobs. Even so, government does NOT need to be a full time job, everything being done can be done on a part time basis. Then there are all of We The People… Statistics (facts of record) show that when people have enough to live decently, the other ‘problems’ become less severe. ALL of the ‘crime’ problems, lessen dramatically. Even so, the ‘selective’ enforcement, targeting, racial profiling, is found most provocatively in any poor areas. To date, I have not seen or heard anything from any official dealing with any of this. That can only mean that ALL officials have agreed to maintain the status quo, business as usual. The idea of divide and conquer is well known. ->What is NOT well known, is the fact that no one understands that ‘WE’ have a common enemy. That in these activities, we find that you are of value Only If you are one of the haves, and are you NOT subject. Those who have not, do not have a ticket to ride. Forget you, go away, get out of the way, and don’t come back. Over years of research I found documented statements of destruction of the family, ignoring everyone’s rights, and Financial enslavement as the new way of doing business. Can’t get a job, financing, or any leg up? Now you know why. All of the racism has gone underground and is just as real as in the times of open slavery, echos of bullwhips cracking… This time it is different, as it now applies to everyone, specifically those who don’t have a ‘ticket to ride’… These changes have come for well over a century in America, more like over two hundred years, since we started. The majority of Americans are now enslaved in one form or another. So, now what? This goes to the idea that a man can be free…really? Prejudice is the problem of ‘seeing’ through human eyes, and each has some prejudice. In terms of ‘Justice’, it is bought and paid for, and is subject to politics, etc. How about a new take on the idea of the use of deadly force? Maybe a requirement (law, legislation) that prohibits killing anyone who is unarmed? From what I hear, Brown’s parents have asked that the death of their son be used as a driving force for good, instead of violence, rioting, and all that. I ask, ‘Who lost the most in this’? I say, the parents. The only value to come out of this would be to honor their wishes. Peaceful protests ONLY… As this went nation wide, I see it as a call to ‘reform’ the parts of our enforcement and justice system so that this death has value. How much could be done if all the efforts, energies, and actions of violence were directed at fixing this so it Never happens again? Immediate removal from public contact, and, that the ‘wrongful death’ be used in ALL such cases? There is no reason to kill anyone, when the person can be disabled by being shot in the legs. IF you can’t shoot, you can’t carry a gun while working in enforcement. I am not saying for anyone to just quit it and go home. I am saying that ALL this needs to be taken care of by We The People. Put together a real time effort all over our great nation to get this done. How about a Brown Justice Foundation? This is no small problem, so it will require a lot of dedicated, tenacious people, and a huge work load. I say, GIT-R-DONE!

Paranoia is real, especially for those who are at a disadvantage. Immigration issues are not the only thing going on. Many are afraid to sign up for Obamacare because they fear deportation… I can understand that. In order to get people to sign into the government registers, what better way than to dangle that carrot of amnesty? Obamacare failed in its attempt to ‘register’ everyone, so, the new way is getting everyone all excited in believing you can relax and be free. First, this is ‘Temporary’, and promises nothing permanent. Second, when you ‘register’, the government will know everything about you and your family. Funny, but Obama could have done this while he had control of the house and senate. Just why is it that he picks this particular time to do this now? Remember, this administration believes we are all stupid, Hmmm? As none of the ‘government’ promises have been kept to date, just what makes anyone believe them now? If this executive order is overturned, exactly where does that leave you? Twisting in the wind and no place to hide…? Think about all this carefully, Before you sign your life away, and they know who, where, you and your family can be located. Drake

Invasion or not, what power can people look for to help them against the murder of civilians by their own government? We have militias, but they could not stand against our military. I suggest Putin was acting to help the defenseless civilians. With NATO and others, it sounds like such actions as killing civilian populations is acceptable? I stand opposed to that. Even so, here is an unofficial view: Attack Russia? Are you crazy?

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